1996 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

1996 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1996 Regular Session

Chapter 2 (H 481)
Election of governing body in certain towns. 
Chapter 59 (H 565)
November council elections for Town of Bridgewater. 
Chapter 90 (H 714)
Scenic highway; Route 640. 
Chapter 117 (S 56)
Hunting in Hanover, Prince George and Surry Counties. 
Chapter 129 (S 281)
Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund. 
Chapter 139 (H 349)
Purple Heart Trail. 
Chapter 140 (H 387)
Junius H. Moody Bridge. 
Chapter 162 (H 819)
Eminent domain; commissioners. 
Chapter 195 (H 1148)
Medical assistance services; assistance for HIV-positive individuals. 
Chapter 207 (H 4)
Advisory referendum on airport in Rockbridge County. 
Chapter 208 (H 58)
Service handgun awarded to widow of Special Agent R. Lynn Roach. 
Chapter 221 (H 397)
Trapping ban in Virginia Beach. 
Chapter 301 (S 151)
Conveyance of certain ABC property to Richfood, Inc. 
Chapter 375 (SB 415)
Income tax, state; defers additional allowance. 
Chapter 377 (S 459)
Childhood sexual abuse. 
Chapter 385 (H 84)
Roanoke Regional Airport Commission. 
Chapter 458 (HB 1475)
Income tax, state; defers additional allowance. 
Chapter 495 (H 675)
Energy; funding weatherization assistance programs. 
Chapter 523 (H 1553)
L. Latane Trice Bridge. 
Chapter 563 (H 1552)
Quorum of council in town of New Castle. 
Chapter 567 (S 211)
Regulation of lighting in Arlington County. 
Chapter 571 (S 409)
City of Bristol; out-of-state property agreements. 
Chapter 627 (H 1056)
Jamestown ferry; discontinuation of tolls. 
Chapter 694 (H 1476)
Neighborhood Assistance Act; tax credits. 
Chapter 699 (S 152)
Payment of court fines, costs. 
Chapter 701 (S 192)
C. Jefferson Stafford Bypass. 
Chapter 719 (H 292)
Federal retirees missing deadline for filing. 
Chapter 781 (S 21)
Health departments; implementation of needs-based allocation formula. 
Chapter 789 (S 553)
Enterprise Zone Act; eligibility. 
Chapter 803 (SB 147)
Property transfer; George Washington's Grist Mill State Park. 
Chapter 811 (HB 522)
Property transfer; George Washington's Grist Mill State Park. 
Chapter 845 (HB 877)
Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 1996. 
Chapter 860 (H 390)
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact. 
Chapter 864 (H 1440)
Pilot school/community health centers. 
Chapter 875 (H 987)
Community college service delivery boundary. 
Chapter 877 (S 212)
Human rights commissions in Arlington County. 
Chapter 886 (S 142)
November council elections for Town of Bridgewater. 
Chapter 982 (H 633)
Land exchange: Pettigreq Wildlife Management Area. 
Chapter 1003 (H 988)
Workforce Transition Act of 1995; employees of Department of Health. 
Chapter 1033 (H 1452)
Small claims courts. 
Chapter 1039 (H 1512)
Interstate ozone reduction agreements. 

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