Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 22.1. Education
Chapter 14.1. Early Childhood Care and Education

§ 22.1-289.049. Regulated child day programs to require proof of child identity and age; report to law-enforcement agencies.

A. Upon enrollment of a child in a regulated child day program, such child day program shall require information from the person enrolling the child regarding previous child day care and schools attended by the child. The regulated child day program shall also require that the person enrolling the child present the regulated child day program with the proof of the child's identity and age. The proof of identity, if reproduced or retained by the child day program or both, shall be destroyed upon the conclusion of the requisite period of retention. The procedures for the disposal, physical destruction, or other disposition of the proof of identity containing social security numbers shall include all reasonable steps to destroy such documents by (i) shredding, (ii) erasing, or (iii) otherwise modifying the social security numbers in those records to make them unreadable or indecipherable by any means.

B. For purposes of this section:

"Proof of identity" means a certified copy of a birth certificate or other reliable proof of the child's identity and age.

"Regulated child day program" is one in which a person or organization has agreed to assume responsibility for the supervision, protection, and well-being of a child under the age of 13 for less than a 24-hour period that is licensed pursuant to § 22.1-289.011, voluntarily registered pursuant to § 22.1-289.015, certified as a preschool or nursery school program pursuant to § 22.1-289.032, exempted from licensure as a child day center operated by a religious institution pursuant to § 22.1-289.031, or approved as a family day home by a licensed family day system.

C. If the parent, guardian, or other person enrolling the child in a regulated child day program for longer than two consecutive days or other pattern of regular attendance does not provide the information required by subsection A within seven business days of initial attendance, such child day program shall immediately notify the local law-enforcement agency in its jurisdiction of such failure to provide the requested information.

D. Upon receiving notification of such failure to provide the information required by subsection A, the law-enforcement agency shall, if available information warrants, immediately submit an inquiry to the Missing Children Information Clearinghouse and, with the assistance of the local department of social services, if available information warrants, conduct the appropriate investigation to determine whether the child is missing.

E. The Board shall adopt regulations to implement the provisions of this section.

2020, cc. 860, 861.

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