Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 32.1. Health
Chapter 4. Health Care Planning

§ 32.1-102.2:1. State Health Services Plan; Task Force.

A. The Board shall appoint and convene a State Health Services Plan Task Force for the purpose of advising the Board on the content of the State Health Services Plan. The Task Force shall provide recommendations related to (i) periodic revisions to the State Health Services Plan, (ii) specific objective standards of review for each type of medical care facility or project type for which a certificate of public need is required, (iii) project types that are generally noncontested and present limited health planning impacts, (iv) whether certain projects should be subject to expedited review rather than the full review process, and (v) improvements in the certificate of public need process. All such recommendations shall be developed in accordance with an analytical framework established by the Commissioner that includes a specific evaluation of whether State Health Services Plan standards are consistent with the goals of (a) meeting the health care needs of the indigent and uninsured citizens of the Commonwealth, (b) protecting the public health and safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth, (c) promoting the teaching missions of academic medical centers and private teaching hospitals, and (d) ensuring the availability of essential health care services in the Commonwealth, and are aligned with the goals and metrics of the Commonwealth's State Health Improvement Plan.

B. The Task Force shall consist of no fewer than 19 individuals appointed by the Commissioner who are broadly representative of the interests of all residents of the Commonwealth and of the various geographic regions, including two representatives of the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, the Medical Society of Virginia, the Virginia Health Care Association, and physicians or administrators representing teaching hospitals affiliated with a public institution of higher education; one representative each of the Virginia Association of Health Plans, the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, the Virginia Community Healthcare Association, LeadingAge Virginia, a company that is self-insured or full-insured for health coverage, a nonprofit organization located in the Commonwealth that engages in addressing access to health coverage for low-income individuals, and a rural locality recognized as a medically underserved area; one individual with experience in health facilities planning; and such other individuals as the Commissioner determines is appropriate.

C. The powers and duties of the Task Force shall be:

1. To develop, by November 1, 2022, recommendations for a comprehensive State Health Services Plan for adoption by the Board that includes (i) specific formulas for projecting need for medical care facilities and services subject to the requirement to obtain a certificate of public need, (ii) current statistical information on the availability of medical care facilities and services, (iii) objective criteria and standards for review of applications for projects for medical care facilities and services, and (iv) methodologies for integrating the goals and metrics of the State Health Improvement Plan established by the Commissioner into the criteria and standards for review. Criteria and standards for review included in the State Health Services Plan shall take into account current data on drive times, utilization, availability of competing services, and patient choice within and among localities included in the health planning district or region; changes and availability of new technology; and other relevant factors identified by the Task Force. The State Health Services Plan shall also include specific criteria for determining need in rural areas, giving due consideration to distinct and unique geographic, socioeconomic, cultural, transportation, and other barriers to access to care in such areas and providing for weighted calculations of need based on the barriers to health care access in such rural areas in lieu of the determinations of need used for the particular proposed project within the relevant health planning district or region as a whole;

2. To engage the services of private consultants or request the Department to contract with any private organization for professional and technical assistance and advice or other services to assist the Task Force in carrying out its duties and functions pursuant to this section. The Task Force may also solicit the input of experts with professional competence in the subject matter of the State Health Services Plan, including (i) representatives of licensed health care providers or health care provider organizations owning or operating licensed health facilities and (ii) representatives of organizations concerned with health care consumers and the purchasers and payers of health care services; and

3. To review annually and, if necessary, develop recommendations for revisions to each section of the State Health Services Plan on a rotating schedule defined by the Task Force at least every two years following the last date of adoption by the Board.

D. The Task Force shall exercise its powers and carry out its duties to ensure:

1. The availability and accessibility of quality health services at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable geographic proximity for all people in the Commonwealth, competitive markets, and patient choice;

2. Appropriate differential consideration of the health care needs of residents in rural localities in ways that do not compromise the quality and affordability of health care services for those residents;

3. Elimination of barriers to access to care and introduction and availability of new technologies and care delivery models that result in greater integration and coordination of care, reduction in costs, and improvements in quality; and

4. Compliance with the goals of the State Health Services Plan and improvement in population health.

E. The Department shall post on its website information regarding the process by which the State Health Services Plan is created and the process by which the Department determines whether a proposed project complies with the State Health Services Plan on its website.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.