Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 24.2. Elections
Chapter 2. Federal, Commonwealth, and Local Officers

§ 24.2-237. (Effective until January 1, 2022) Who to represent Commonwealth; trial by jury; appeal. (2021 updated section)

The attorney for the Commonwealth shall represent the Commonwealth in any trial under this article. If the proceeding is against the attorney for the Commonwealth, the court shall appoint an attorney to represent the Commonwealth. Any officer proceeded against shall have the right to demand a trial by jury. The Commonwealth and the defendant shall each have the right to apply to the Supreme Court for a writ of error and supersedeas upon the record made in the trial court and the Supreme Court may hear and determine such cases.

1975, cc. 515, 595, § 24.1-79.9; 1993, c. 641.