Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 29.1. Game, Inland Fisheries and Boating

Title 29.1. Game, Inland Fisheries and Boating (2017 Updates)

  • Chapter 1. Administration of Game and Inland Fisheries
  • Chapter 3. Licenses
    • Article 1. Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Licenses
    • § 29.1-303.2:1
      State junior resident bear hunting license; fee
      § 29.1-303.3
      Youth resident and nonresident combination hunting license established; fee
      § 29.1-306
      Special archery license, slingbow license, and crossbow license
      § 29.1-336
      Carrying licenses and certificates; penalty
  • Chapter 5. Wildlife and Fish Laws
    • Article 1. General Provisions
    • § 29.1-509
      Duty of care and liability for damages of landowners to hunters, fishermen, sightseers, etc.
    • Article 2. Hunting and Trapping
    • § 29.1-519
      Guns, pistols, revolvers, etc., which may be used; penalty
      § 29.1-521
      Unlawful to hunt, trap, possess, sell, or transport wild birds and wild animals except as permitted; exception; penalty
      § 29.1-521.2
      Violation of § 18.2-286 while hunting; revocation of license and privileges
      § 29.1-524
      Forfeiture of vehicles and weapons used for killing or attempt to kill
      § 29.1-525
      Employment of lights under certain circumstances upon places used by deer
      § 29.1-528.1
      Board to develop model ordinances for hunting with bow and arrow; counties or cities may adopt
      § 29.1-530.1
      Blaze orange or blaze pink clothing required at certain times
    • Article 5. Penalties in General
    • § 29.1-549
      Hunting deer from watercraft
  • Chapter 7. Boating Laws
    • Article 3. Boating Safety
    • § 29.1-735.2
      Boating safety education required; Board to promulgate regulations
      § 29.1-738.3
      Presumptions from alcohol or drug content