Administrative Code

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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 18. Professional and Occupational Licensing
Agency 15. Virginia Board for Asbestos, Lead, and Home Inspectors

Chapter 20. Virginia Asbestos Licensing RegulationsRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 20
Section 21
Waiver of the requirements of this chapter
Section 30
Section 31
Application procedures
Section 32
Qualifications for licensure - individuals
Section 33
Qualifications for licensure - business entities
Section 34
Qualifications for accredited asbestos training program approval
Section 40
Section 50
Section 51
General fee requirements
Section 52
Application fees
Section 53
Renewal and late renewal fees
Section 60
Renewal required
Section 70
Procedures for renewal
Section 80
Section 100
Section 101
Section 120
Section 150
Section 160
Section 250
Section 260
Section 270
Section 280
Section 290
Section 300
Section 330
Section 340
Section 361
Section 370
Section 400
Responsibility to the public
Section 410
Public statements
Section 420
Solicitation of work
Section 430
Professional responsibility
Section 440
Good standing in other jurisdictions
Section 450
Grounds for disciplinary action
Section 451
Asbestos contractor responsibilities
Section 452
Maintenance of licensing and training records at the asbestos job site
Section 453
Conflict of interest
Section 454
Transfer of asbestos contractor license
Section 455
Duties and functions
Section 455.1
Abatement projects that require a project monitor
Section 456
Section 457
Duties and functions
Section 458
Section 459
Duties and functions
Section 459.1
Section 459.2
Section 459.3
Section 459.4
Change of status
Section 459.5
Section 459.6
Section 460
Section 461
Changes to an approved accredited asbestos training program
Section 462
Transfer of approval of an accredited asbestos training program
Section 463
Access by the department
Section 464
Withdrawal of approval of an accredited asbestos training program
Section 470
Recordkeeping and provision of records to the board
Section 480
Accredited asbestos training program outline and syllabus
Section 490
Certificates of completion
Section 500
Training program materials: training program manuals; video instruction; training equipment
Section 510
Section 511
Instructor qualifications
Section 520
Number of instructors required to provide training
Section 530
Student to instructor ratios
Section 540
Distinct training disciplines
Section 550
Completion of training
Section 560
Length of training
Section 570
Non-English speaking accredited asbestos training programs
Section 580
Section 590
Change of address, phone number or contact person
Section 600
Termination of training
Section 610
EPA ASHARA compliance
Section 620
Section 700
Section 710
Worker training
Section 720
Examinations: Asbestos abatement worker
Section 730
Refresher training program
Section 740
Supervisor training
Section 750
Examinations: asbestos abatement supervisors
Section 760
Refresher training program
Section 770
Inspector training
Section 780
Examinations: asbestos inspectors
Section 790
Refresher training program
Section 800
Asbestos management planner training
Section 810
Examinations: asbestos management planners
Section 820
Refresher training program
Section 830
Asbestos project designer training
Section 840
Examinations: asbestos project designers
Section 850
Refresher training program
Section 860
Project monitor training
Section 870
Examination: asbestos project monitors
Section 880
Refresher training program
Section 890
FORMS (18VAC15-20)

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