Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 22.1. Education
Chapter 14. Pupils

§ 22.1-260. Reports of children enrolled and not enrolled; nonattendance; social security numbers required.

A. Within 10 days after the opening of the school, each public school principal shall report to the division superintendent:

1. The name, age and grade of each student enrolled in the school, and the name and address of the student's parent or guardian; and

2. To the best of the principal's information, the name of each child subject to the provisions of this article who is not enrolled in school, with the name and address of the child's parent or guardian.

B. At the end of each school year, each public school principal shall report to the division superintendent the number of students by grade level for whom a conference was scheduled as required by § 22.1-258. The division superintendent shall compile such grade level information for the division and provide such information to the Superintendent of Public Instruction annually.

C. For the purposes of this section, each student shall present a federal social security number within 90 days of his enrollment. The Board of Education shall, after consulting with the Social Security Administration, promulgate guidelines for determining which students are eligible to obtain social security numbers. In any case in which a student is ineligible, pursuant to these guidelines, to obtain a social security number or the parent is unwilling to present such number, the superintendent or his designee may assign another identifying number to the student or waive this requirement.

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