Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 43. Mechanics' and Certain Other Liens
Chapter 1. Mechanics' and Materialmen's Liens

§ 43-8. Sufficiency of memorandum, affidavit and notice required by § 43-7.

The memorandum, affidavit and notice required by § 43-7 shall be sufficient if substantially in form and effect as follows:

Memorandum for Mechanic's Lien Claimed by Subcontractor.

Name of owner: ________________________________________

Address of owner: ________________________________________

Name of general contractor (if any): ________________________________________

Name of claimant: ________________________________________

Address of claimant: ________________________________________

Contractor license or certificate number of claimant (if applicable):


Issuance date of license or certificate (if applicable):


Expiration date of license or certificate (if applicable):


If no contractor license or certificate number is included, the claimant certifies that such a valid license or certificate is not required by law for the work done for which the benefit of a lien is claimed.

1. Type of materials or services furnished:_______________


2. Amount claimed: $__________

3. Type of structure on which work done or materials furnished:


4. Brief description and location of real property:


5. Date from which interest on above amount is claimed:

Date: ____________________

It is the intent of the claimant to claim the benefit of a lien.

________________________________________ (Name of claimant).


State of Virginia,

County (or city) of ____________________ to wit:

I, ____________________ (notary or other officer) for the county (or city) aforesaid, do certify that ___________________, claimant, or ____________________, agent for claimant, this day made oath before me in my county (or city) aforesaid that ____________________ is justly indebted to claimant in the sum of _______________ dollars, for the consideration stated in the foregoing memorandum, and that the same is payable as therein stated.

Given under my hand this the __________ day of _______________, 20_____.

________________________________________ (Notary Public or Magistrate, et cetera.)


To ________________________________________ (owner).

You are hereby notified that ____________________ (general contractor) is indebted to me in the sum of _______________ dollars ($__________) with interest thereon from the __________ day of _______________, 20_____, for work done (or materials furnished, as the case may be,) in and about the construction (or removal, etc.,) of a ____________________ (describe structure, whether dwelling, store, or etc.,) which he has contracted to construct (or remove, etc.,) for you or on property owned by you in the county (or city) of ____________________, and that I have duly recorded a mechanic's lien for the same.

Given under my hand this the __________ day of _______________, 20_____.

________________________________________ (Subcontractor).

Code 1919, § 6428; 1968, c. 568; 2007, c. 504; 2013, c. 293.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.