Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 58.1. Taxation

Chapter 40. Virginia Lottery LawRead Chapter

§ 58.1-4000
Short title
§ 58.1-4001
Establishment of state lottery
§ 58.1-4002
§ 58.1-4003
Virginia Lottery established
§ 58.1-4004
Membership of Board; appointment; terms; vacancies; removal; expenses
§ 58.1-4005
Appointment, qualifications and salary of Director
§ 58.1-4006
Powers of the Director
§ 58.1-4007
Powers of the Board
§ 58.1-4007.1
Lottery tickets to bear telephone number for compulsive gamblers
§ 58.1-4007.2
Lottery tickets not to be sold over Internet
§ 58.1-4008
Employees of the Department; background investigations of employees
§ 58.1-4009
Licensing of lottery sales agents; penalty
§ 58.1-4010
Authority of persons licensed as lottery sales agents; annual fee
§ 58.1-4011
Meaning of "gross receipts."
§ 58.1-4012
Suspension and revocation of licenses
§ 58.1-4013
Right to prize not assignable; exceptions
§ 58.1-4014
Price of tickets or shares; who may sell; penalty
§ 58.1-4014.1
Method of payment for purchase of tickets or shares
§ 58.1-4015
Sale of ticket or share to person under eighteen prohibited; penalty
§ 58.1-4016
Gift to minor prohibited
§ 58.1-4017
Alteration and forgery; presentation of counterfeit or altered ticket or share; penalty
§ 58.1-4018
Prohibited actions; penalty
§ 58.1-4018.1
Larceny of tickets; fraudulent notification of prizes; penalty
§ 58.1-4019
Certain persons ineligible to purchase tickets or shares or receive prizes
§ 58.1-4019.1
License required for "instant ticket" games or contests
§ 58.1-4020
Unclaimed prizes
§ 58.1-4020.1
Voluntary assignment of lottery prizes or pledge as collateral for a loan; requirements for the assignees and lenders
§ 58.1-4021
Deposit of moneys received by agents; performance of functions, etc., in connection with operation of lottery; compensation of agents
§ 58.1-4022
Virginia Lottery Fund
§ 58.1-4022.1
Lottery Proceeds Fund
§ 58.1-4023
Post-audit of accounts and transactions of Department; post-compliance audits
§ 58.1-4024
Employees of the Department
§ 58.1-4025
Exemption of lottery prizes and sales of tickets from state and local taxation
§ 58.1-4026
Set-off of debts to the Commonwealth from prizes
§ 58.1-4027
Judicial review
§ 58.1-4028