Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia

Commercial Code - Effective Date - Transitional Provisions

§ 8.10-101. Effective date.

This act shall become effective on January 1, 1966. It applies to transactions entered into and events occurring after that date.

1964, c. 219.

§ 8.10-102. Provision for transition.

Transactions validly entered into before the effective date specified in § 8.10-101 and the rights, duties and interests flowing from them remain valid thereafter and may be terminated, completed, consummated or enforced as required or permitted by any statute or other law amended or repealed by this act as though such repeal or amendment had not occurred.

1964, c. 219.

§ 8.10-103. General repealer.

Except as provided in the following section, all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed.

1964, c. 219.

§ 8.10-104. Laws not repealed.

(1) The title on documents of title (Title 8.7) does not repeal or modify any laws prescribing the form or contents of documents of title or the services or facilities to be afforded by bailees, or otherwise regulating bailees' businesses in respects not specifically dealt with herein; but the fact that such laws are violated does not affect the status of a document of title which otherwise complies with the definition of a document of title (§ 8.1A-201).

1964, c. 219; 2003, c. 353.