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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 11. Gaming
Agency 15. Charitable Gaming Board
Chapter 40. Charitable Gaming Regulations

11VAC15-40-50. Conduct of bingo, instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal cards, event games, network bingo, and raffles.

A. Organizations subject to this chapter shall post their permit at all times on the premises where charitable gaming is conducted.

B. No individual shall provide any information or engage in any conduct that alters or is intended to alter the outcome of any charitable game.

C. Individuals under 18 years of age may play bingo provided such persons are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. It shall be the responsibility of the organization to ensure that such individuals are eligible to play. An organization's house rules may further limit the play of bingo or purchase of raffle tickets by minors.

D. Individuals under the age of 18 may sell raffle tickets for a qualified organization raising funds for activities in which they are active participants.

E. No individual under the age of 18 may participate in the management or operation of bingo games. Individuals 14 through 17 years of age may participate in the conduct of a bingo game provided the organization permitted for charitable gaming obtains and keeps on file written parental consent from the parent or legal guardian and verifies the date of birth of the minor. An organization's house rules may further limit the involvement of minors in the conduct of bingo games.

F. No qualified organization shall sell any network bingo cards, instant bingo, pull-tab, seal card, or electronic pull-tab to any individual under 18 years of age. No individual under 18 years of age shall play or redeem any network bingo cards, instant bingo, pull-tab, seal card, or electronic pull-tab.

G. Unless otherwise prohibited by the Code of Virginia or this chapter, nonmembers who are under the direct supervision of a bona fide member may participate in the conduct of bingo.

H. All game workers shall have in their possession a photo identification, such as a driver's license or other government-issued identification, and shall make the photo identification available for inspection upon request by a department agent while participating in the management, operation, or conduct of a bingo game.

I. A game manager who is a bona fide member of the organization and is designated by the organization's management as the person responsible for the operation of the bingo game during a particular session shall be present any time a bingo game is conducted.

J. Organizations shall ensure that all charitable gaming equipment is in working order before charitable gaming activities commence.

K. Any organization selling bingo, instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal cards, network bingo supplies, or electronic pull-tabs shall:

1. Maintain a supplier's, network bingo provider's, or manufacturer's invoice or a legible copy thereof at the location where the gaming is taking place and cards are sold. The original invoice or legible copy shall be stored in the same storage space as the gaming supplies. All gaming supplies shall be stored in a secure area that has access limited only to bona fide members of the organization; and

2. Pay for all gaming supplies only by a check drawn on the charitable gaming account of the organization.

A complete inventory of all such gaming supplies shall be maintained by the organization on the premises where the gaming is being conducted.

L. A bingo session game worker may receive complimentary food and nonalcoholic beverages provided on premises, as long as the retail value of such food and beverages does not exceed $15 for each session.

M. Permitted organizations shall not commingle records, supplies, or funds from permitted activities with those from instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal cards, or electronic pull-tabs sold in social quarters in accordance with § 18.2-340.26:1 of the Code of Virginia.

N. Individuals who are not members of an organization or are members who do not participate in any charitable gaming activities may be paid reasonable fees for preparation of quarterly and annual financial reports.

O. Except as allowed pursuant to § 18.2-340.34:1 of the Code of Virginia, no free packs, free electronic bingo devices, free network bingo cards, discounts, or remuneration in any other form shall be provided directly or indirectly to game workers, members of their family, or individuals residing in their household. The reduction of tuition, dues, or any fees or payments due as a result of a member or shareholder, or anyone in their household, working bingo games or raffles is prohibited.

P. Individuals providing security for an organization's charitable gaming activity shall not participate in the charitable gaming activity and shall not be compensated with charitable gaming supplies or network bingo cards or with rentals of electronic bingo devices or electronic pull-tab devices.

Q. No organization shall award any prize money or any merchandise valued in excess of the amounts specified by the Code of Virginia.

R. Multiple bingo sessions shall be permitted in a single premises as long as the sessions are distinct from one another and are not used to advertise or do not result in the awarding of more in prizes than is permitted for a single qualified organization. All leases for organizations to conduct charitable gaming in a single premises shall ensure each session is separated by an interval of at least 30 minutes. Bingo sales for the subsequent session may take place during the 30-minute break once the building is cleared of all patrons and workers from the previous session.

S. All bingo and instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal card, or electronic pull-tab sales, play, and redemption must occur within the time specified on the charitable gaming permit. Network bingo card sales must occur within the time specified on the charitable gaming permit.

T. Instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal cards, or electronic pull-tabs shall only be sold in conjunction with a bingo session, except as authorized by § 18.2-340.26:1 or 18.2-340.26:2 of the Code of Virginia. No instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal card, or electronic pull-tab sales shall take place more than two hours before the selection of the first ball for the first bingo game or more than two hours after the selection of the last ball for the last bingo game. If multiple sessions are held at the same location, no instant bingo, pull-tab, seal card, or electronic pull-tab sales shall be conducted during the required 30-minute break between sessions. The department may take action if it believes that a bingo session is not legitimate or is being conducted in a manner such that instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal cards, or electronic pull-tabs are not being sold in conjunction with a bingo session.

U. Only a game worker for a qualified organization may rent, exchange, or otherwise provide electronic bingo devices or electronic pull-tab devices to players.

V. A qualified organization shall conduct only bingo games, network bingo, and raffles listed on a game program for that session. The program shall list all prize amounts. If the prize amounts are determined by attendance or at the end of a game, the game program shall list the attendance required for the prize amount or disclose that prizes shall be determined at the end of a game and the method for determining the prize amount. In such case, the organization shall announce the prize amount at the end of the game. The percentage of the gross receipts from network bingo cards allocated to the prize pool shall be listed on the game program along with the maximum allowable prize amount for network bingo.

W. A qualified organization selling instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal cards, or electronic pull-tabs shall post a flare provided by the manufacturer at the location where such cards are sold. All such sales and prize payouts shall be in accordance with the flare for that deal.

X. Only qualified organizations, facilities in which qualified organizations play bingo, network bingo providers, and suppliers permitted by the department shall advertise a bingo game. Providing players with information about network bingo or bingo games through printed advertising is permitted, provided the name of the qualified organization shall be in a type size equal to or larger than the name of the premises, the hall, or the word "bingo." Printed advertisements shall identify the use of proceeds percentage reported in the past quarter or fiscal year.

Y. Raffles that award prizes based on a percentage of gross receipts shall use prenumbered tickets.

Z. The following rules shall apply to instant bingo, pull-tab, or seal card dispensing devices:

1. A dispensing device shall only be used at a location and time during which a qualified organization holds a permit to conduct charitable gaming. Only cards purchased by an organization to be used during the organization's charitable gaming activity shall be in the dispensing device.

2. Keys to the dispensing area and coin/cash box shall be in the possession and control of the game manager or designee of the organization's board of directors at all times. Keys shall at all times be available at the location where the dispensing device is being used.

3. The game manager or designee shall provide access to the dispensing device to a department agent for inspection upon request.

4. Only a game worker of an organization may stock the dispensing device, remove cash, or pay winners' prizes.

AA. Organizations shall only rent, lease, or purchase charitable gaming supplies from a supplier, network bingo supplies from a network bingo provider, or electronic pull-tabs from a manufacturer or supplier who has a current permit issued by the department.

BB. An organization shall not tamper with bingo paper received from a supplier.

CC. The total amount of all discounts given by any organization during any fiscal year shall not exceed 1.0% of the organization's gross receipts.

Statutory Authority

§ 18.2-340.15 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 29, Issue 3, eff. November 7, 2012; amended, Virginia Register Volume 33, Issue 4, eff. November 17, 2016.

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