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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 11. Gaming
Agency 20. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Charitable Gaming
Chapter 20. Charitable Gaming Regulations

11VAC20-20-10. Definitions.

In addition to the definitions contained in § 18.2-340.16 of the Code of Virginia, the following words and terms when used in this chapter shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Agent" means any person authorized by a supplier, network bingo provider, or manufacturer to act for or in place of such supplier, network bingo provider, or manufacturer.

"Board of directors" means the board of directors, managing committee, or other supervisory body of a qualified organization.

"Calendar day" means the period of 24 consecutive hours commencing at 12:00:01 a.m. and concluding at midnight.

"Calendar week" means the period of seven consecutive calendar days commencing at 12:00:01 a.m. on Sunday and ending at midnight the following Saturday.

"Cash" means United States currency or coinage.

"Charitable Gaming Law" means Article 1.1:1 (§ 18.2-340.15 et seq.) of Chapter 8 of Title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia.

"Commissioner" means the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

"Concealed face bingo card" means a nonreusable bingo card constructed to conceal the card face.

"Conduct" means the actions associated with the provision of a gaming operation during and immediately before or after the permitted activity, which may include (i) selling bingo cards or packs, electronic bingo devices, instant bingo or pull-tab cards, electronic pull-tab devices, electronic pull-tabs, network bingo cards, or raffle tickets; (ii) calling bingo games; (iii) distributing prizes; and (iv) any other services provided by game workers.

"Control program" means software involved in any critical game function.

"Daubing" means covering a square containing a number called with indelible ink or otherwise marking a number called on a card or an electronic facsimile of a card.

"Deal" means each separate package or series of packages consisting of one game of instant bingo, pull-tabs, or seal cards with the same serial number.

"Decision bingo" means a bingo game where the cost to a player to play is dependent on the number of bingo numbers called, and the prize payout is in direct relationship to the number of participants and the number of bingo numbers called but shall not exceed statutory prize limits for a regular bingo game.

"Department" means the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

"Designator" means an object used in the bingo number selection process, such as a ping-pong ball, upon which bingo letters and numbers are imprinted.

"Device number" means the unique serial number assigned to each electronic gaming device by the department and displayed on the device tag affixed by the department.

"Device tag" means the mark that contains a unique serial number assigned to each electronic gaming device that is affixed by the department to each electronic gaming device indicating that the department has authorized and approved the use of such device.

"Discount" means any reduction in cost of admission or game packs or any other purchases through use of coupons, free packs, or other similar methods.

"Disinterested player" means a player who is unbiased.

"Disposable bingo paper" or "disposable paper" means a nonreusable, paper bingo card manufactured with preprinted numbers.

"Distributed pull-tab system" means a computer system consisting of a computer and associated equipment for the use of distributing a finite number of electronic pull-tabs, a certain number of which entitle a player to prize awards at various levels.

"Door prize" means any prize awarded by the random drawing or random selection of a name or number based solely on attendance at a charitable gaming activity.

"Electronic bingo device" means an electronic unit that uses proprietary software or hardware, or operates in conjunction with commonly available software and computers to display facsimiles of bingo cards and allows a player to daub such cards or allows for the automatic daubing of such cards.

"Electronic gaming" or "electronic games" means any instant bingo, pull-tabs, or seal card gaming that is conducted primarily by use of an electronic device. "Electronic gaming" does not include (i) the game of chance identified in clause (ii) of the definition of "bingo" in § 18.2-340.16 of the Code of Virginia or (ii) network bingo.

"Electronic gaming device" means an electronic unit used to facilitate the play of an electronic pull-tab. An electronic pull-tab device may take the form of an upright cabinet or a handheld device or may be of any other composition as approved by the department.

"Electronic gaming adjusted gross receipts" means the gross receipts derived from electronic gaming less the total amount in prize money paid out to players.

"Electronic gaming manufacturer" means a manufacturer of electronic devices used to conduct electronic gaming.

"Electronic pull-tabs" means a form of electronic gaming using an electronic version of a single instant bingo card or pull-tab. An electronic pull-tab is a predetermined game outcome in electronic form, distributed on-demand from a finite number of game outcomes by a distributed pull-tab system.

"Equipment and video systems" means equipment that facilitates the conduct of charitable gaming, such as ball blowers, flashboards, electronic verifiers, and replacement parts for such equipment. Equipment and video systems shall not include dispensing devices, electronic bingo devices, and electronic pull-tab devices.

"Event game" means a bingo game (i) that is played using instant bingo cards or pull-tabs in which the winners include both instant winners and winners who are determined by the random draw of a bingo ball, the random call of a bingo number, or the use of a seal card, and (ii) that is sold in its entirety and played to completion during a single bingo session.

"Fiscal year" or "annual reporting period" means the 12-month period beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of any given year.

"Flare" means a printed or electronic display that bears information relating to the name of the manufacturer or logo, name of the game, card count, cost per play, serial number, number of prizes to be awarded, and specific prize amounts in a deal of instant bingo, pull-tab, seal cards, or electronic pull-tabs.

"Free space number," "perm number," "center number," "card number," or "face number" means the number generally printed in the center space of a bingo card that identifies the unique pattern of numbers printed on that card.

"Game program" means a written list of all games to be played including the sales price of all bingo paper, network bingo cards, and electronic bingo devices, pack configuration, prize amounts to be paid during a session for each game, and an indication whether prize amounts are fixed based on attendance.

"Game set" means the entire pool of electronic pull-tabs that contains predefined and randomized game results assigned under a unique serial number. This term is equivalent to "deal" or "deck."

"Game subset" means a division of a game set into equal sizes.

"Immediate family" means one's spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandchild, grandparent, mother or father-in-law, or stepchild.

"Interested persons" means (i) the president, an officer, or a game manager of any qualified organization that is exempt or is a permit applicant or holds a permit to conduct charitable gaming, or (ii) the owner, director, officer, or partner of an entity engaged in supplying charitable gaming supplies to organizations, engaged in providing network bingo supplies to organizations, or engaged in manufacturing any component of an electronic game that is distributed in the Commonwealth.

"IRS" means the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

"Management" means the provision of oversight of a gaming operation, which may include the responsibilities of applying for and maintaining a permit or authorization; compiling, submitting, and maintaining required records and financial reports; and ensuring that all aspects of the operation are in compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations.

"Manufacturer" means a person who or entity that assembles from raw materials or subparts a completed piece of bingo equipment or supplies, a distributed pull-tab system, or other charitable gaming or electronic gaming equipment or supplies. "Manufacturer" also means a person who or entity that modifies, converts, adds, or removes parts to or from bingo equipment or supplies, a distributed pull-tab system, or other charitable gaming or electronic gaming equipment or supplies to further their promotion or sale for the conduct of charitable gaming.

"Operation" means the activities associated with production of a charitable gaming or electronic gaming activity, which may include (i) the direct on-site supervision of the conduct of charitable gaming and electronic gaming; (ii) coordination of game workers; and (iii) all responsibilities of charitable gaming and electronic gaming designated by the organization's management.

"Organization number" means a unique identification number issued by the department.

"Owner" means any individual with financial interest of 10% or more in a supplier, network bingo provider, or a manufacturer of a distributed pull-tab system or other electronic gaming device or system distributed in the Commonwealth.

"Pack" means sheets of bingo paper or electronic facsimiles assembled in the order of games to be played. This shall not include any raffle.

"Prize" means cash, merchandise, certificate, or other item of value awarded to a winning player.

"Progressive bingo" means a bingo game in which the prize is carried forward to the next game if a predetermined pattern is not completed within a specified number of bingo numbers called.

"Progressive seal card" means a seal card game in which a prize is carried forward to the next deal if not won when a deal is completed.

"Remuneration" means payment in cash or the provision of anything of value for goods provided or services rendered.

"Seal card" means a board or placard used in conjunction with a deal of the same serial number that contains one or more concealed areas that when removed or opened, reveal a predesignated winning number, letter, or symbol located on that board or placard.

"Selection device" means a manually or mechanically operated device used to randomly select bingo numbers.

"Serial number" means a unique number assigned by the manufacturer to each set of bingo cards or network bingo cards; each instant bingo, pull-tab, or seal card in a deal; each electronic bingo device; each door prize ticket; each game set and game subset of electronic pull-tabs; and each electronic gaming device.

"Series number" means the number of unique card faces contained in a set of disposable bingo paper cards, network bingo cards, or bingo hard cards. A 9000 series, for example, has 9,000 unique faces.

"Session" means a period of time during which one or more bingo games are conducted or during which instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal cards, or electronic gaming may be sold and redeemed. A session begins with the sale of instant bingo, pull-tabs, seal cards, electronic gaming, electronic bingo devices, network bingo cards, or bingo cards or packs.

"Social organization" means the same as that term is defined in § 18.2-340.16 of the Code of Virginia.

"Social quarters" means the same as that term is defined in § 18.2-340.16 of the Code of Virginia.

"Treasure chest" means a raffle including a locked treasure chest containing a prize that a participant, selected through some other authorized charitable game, is afforded the chance to select from a series of keys a predetermined key that will open the locked treasure chest to win a prize.

"Use of proceeds" means the use of funds derived by an organization from its charitable gaming activities, which are disbursed for those lawful religious, charitable, community, or educational purposes.

"Voucher" means a printed ticket tendered to the player, upon request, for any unused game plays or winnings that remain on the electronic pull-tab device.

"WINGO" means a variation of a traditional bingo game that uses visual devices rather than a verbal caller and is intended for play by hearing impaired persons.

Statutory Authority

§ 18.2-340.15 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 39, Issue 14, eff. March 29, 2023.

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