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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 12. Health
Agency 30. Department of Medical Assistance Services
Chapter 120. Waivered Services

12VAC30-120-620. MCO responsibilities; sanctions.

A. The MCO and any of its subcontractors shall abide by all CCC Plus contract requirements, including:

1. The MCO shall provide medically necessary covered services in accordance with the CCC Plus contract.

a. Each MCO and its subcontractors shall have in place and follow written policies and procedures for processing requests for initial and continuing authorizations of service. Each MCO and its subcontractors shall ensure that any decision to deny a service authorization request or to authorize a service in an amount, duration, or scope that is less than requested be made by a health care professional who has appropriate clinical expertise in treating the member's condition or disease. Each MCO and its subcontractors shall have in effect mechanisms to ensure consistent application of review criteria for authorization decisions and shall consult with the requesting provider when appropriate.

b. In accordance with § 1932(f) of the Social Security Act (42 USC § 1396a-2), the contractor shall pay all in-network and out-of-network providers (including Native American health care providers) on a timely basis, consistent with the claims payment procedure described in 42 CFR 447.45 and 42 CFR 447.46 and § 1902(a)(37) of the Social Security Act, upon receipt of all clean claims, for covered services rendered to covered members who are enrolled with the contractor at the time the service was delivered. The MCO may deny claims in whole or in part for not meeting payment criteria established by the MCO.

c. Utilization review and audit. MCOs may perform utilization reviews and audits on their network providers. As a result of such a review or audit, an overpayment may be determined.

2. The MCO shall report data to DMAS per CCC Plus contract requirements, which includes data, claims reports, and quality studies performed by the MCO.

3. The MCO shall maintain records, including written policies and procedures, as required by the CCC Plus contract.

4. The MCO shall furnish such required information to DMAS, the Attorney General of Virginia or the Attorney General's authorized representative, or the State Medicaid Fraud Control Unit upon request and in the form requested.

5. The MCO shall meet standards specified in the CCC Plus contract for sufficiency of provider networks. In accordance with § 1915(b)(4) of the Social Security Act, 42 CFR 431.51, and 42 CFR 438.12b(1), the MCO does not have to contract with any willing provider.

6. The MCO shall conduct monthly checks to screen providers for exclusion.

7. The MCO shall require its providers and subcontractors to fully comply with federal requirements for disclosure of ownership and control, business transactions, and information for persons convicted of crimes against federal related health care programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP programs, as described in 42 CFR 455 Subpart B.

8. In accordance with 42 CFR 447.50 through 42 CFR 447.60, the MCO shall not impose any cost sharing obligations on members except as set forth in 12VAC30-20-150 and 12VAC30-20-160 .

B. Sanctions shall be the same as those set forth in the CCC Plus contract.

C. As provided in 42 CFR 438.210(a)(5)(i), the MCO's medical necessity criteria shall not be more restrictive than the department's criteria.

D. The MCO's coverage rules for contract covered services shall also ensure compliance with federal EPSDT coverage requirements for members younger than 21 years of age.

E. The MCO shall provide services at least in equal amount, duration, and scope as available under the Medicaid fee-for-service program and as described in Attachment 5 of the CCC Plus contract.

F. The MCO shall not apply any financial requirement or treatment limitation to behavioral health benefits, including mental health or addiction, recovery and treatment benefits, in any classification (inpatient, out-patient, emergency, and pharmacy) that is more restrictive than the predominant financial requirement or treatment limitation of that type applied to substantially all medical/surgical benefits in the same classification furnished to members.

G. The MCO shall provide behavioral health benefits to the member in every classification in which medical/surgical benefits are provided.

H. The MCO shall not place any limitation on behavioral health benefits that is more restrictive than limits in place under fee-for-service Medicaid.

I. The MCO may cover, in addition to services covered under the state plan, any service necessary for compliance with the requirements for parity in mental health and substance abuse benefits in 42 CFR 438 Subpart K.

J. If a member of the MCO is provided behavioral health benefits in any classification of benefits (inpatient, outpatient, emergency care, or prescription drugs), the behavioral health benefits must be provided to the member in every classification in which medical/surgical benefits are provided.

K. The MCO shall not impose an aggregate lifetime dollar limit on any behavioral health benefit regardless of classification.

L. The MCO may not impose non-quantitative treatment limits (NQTL) for behavioral health benefits in any classification (inpatient, out-patient, emergency care, or prescription drugs) unless, under the policies and procedures of the MCO as written and in operation, any processes, strategies, evidentiary standards, or other factors used in applying the NQTL to behavioral health benefits in the classification are comparable to and are applied no more stringently than the processes, strategies, evidentiary standards, or other factors used in applying the limitation for medical/surgical benefits in the classification.

M. The MCO shall provide documentation necessary to establish and demonstrate compliance with mental health parity requirements in 42 CFR 438 Subpart K, regarding the provision of behavioral health benefits.

Statutory Authority

§ 32.1-325 of the Code of Virginia; 42 USC § 1396 et seq.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 37, Issue 14, eff. March 31, 2021.

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