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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 13. Housing
Agency 10. Virginia Housing Development Authority
Chapter 130. Rules and Regulations for Multi-Family Housing Developments for Mentally Disabled Persons

13VAC10-130-130. Transfers of ownership.

A. It is the authority's policy to evaluate requests for transfers of ownership on a case-by-case basis. The primary goal of the authority is the continued existence of low and moderate income rental housing stock maintained in a financially sound manner and in safe and sanitary condition. Any changes which would, in the opinion of the authority, detrimentally affect this goal will not be approved.

The provisions set forth in this section shall apply only to transfers of ownership to be made subject to the authority's deed of trust.

For the purposes hereof, the terms "transfer of ownership" and "transfer" shall include any direct or indirect transfer of a partnership or other ownership interest (including, without limitation, the withdrawal or substitution of any general partner) or any sale, conveyance or other direct or indirect transfer of the M/D development or any interest therein; provided, however, that if the owner is not then in default under the deed of trust or regulatory agreement, such terms shall not include (i) any sale, transfer, assignment or substitution of limited partnership interests prior to final closing of the M/D loan or, (ii) any sale, transfer, assignment or substitution of limited partnership interests which in any 12-month period constitute in the aggregate 50% or less of the partnership interests in the owner. The term "proposed ownership entity," as used herein, shall mean (i) in the case of a transfer of a partnership interest, the owner of the M/D development as proposed to be restructured by such transfer, and (ii) in the case of a transfer of the M/D development, the entity which proposes to acquire the M/D development.

B. The proposed ownership entity requesting approval of a transfer of ownership must initially submit a written request to the authority. This request should contain, to the extent applicable or requested by the authority, (i) a detailed description of the terms of the transfer, (ii) all documentation to be executed in connection with the transfer, (iii) information regarding the legal, business and financial status and experience of the proposed ownership entity and of the principals therein, including current financial statements (which shall be audited in the case of a business entity), (iv) an analysis of the current physical and financial condition of the M/D development, including a current audited financial report for the M/D development, (v) information regarding the experience and ability of any proposed management agent, and (vi) any other information and documents relating to the transfer. The request will be reviewed and evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:

1. The proposed ownership entity and the principals therein must have the experience, ability and financial capacity necessary to own, operate and manage the M/D development in a manner satisfactory to the authority.

2. The M/D development's physical and financial condition shall be acceptable to the authority as of the date of transfer or such later date as the authority may approve. In order to assure compliance with this criteria, the authority may require any of the following:

a. The performance of any necessary repairs and the correction of any deferred or anticipated maintenance work;

b. The addition of any improvements to the M/D development which, in the judgment of the authority, will be necessary or desirable for the successful marketing of the M/D development, will reduce the costs of operating or maintaining the M/D development, will benefit the residents or otherwise improve the liveability of the M/D development, or will improve the financial strength and stability of the M/D development;

c. The establishment of escrows to assure the completion of any required repairs, maintenance work, or improvements;

d. The establishment of such new reserves and/or such additional funding of existing reserves as may be deemed necessary by the authority to ensure or preserve the financial strength and stability or the proper operation and maintenance of the M/D development; and

e. The funding of debt service payments, accounts payable and reserve requirements such that the foregoing are current at the time of any transfer of ownership.

3. The management agent, if any, to be selected by the proposed ownership entity to manage the M/D development on its behalf must have the experience and ability necessary to manage the M/D development in a manner satisfactory to the authority. The management agent must satisfy the qualifications established by the authority for approval thereof.

C. The authority may charge the proposed ownership entity a fee of $5,000 or such higher fee as the executive director may for good cause require. This fee, if any, is to be paid at the closing.

D. In the case of a transfer from a nonprofit owner to a proposed for-profit owner, the authority may require the proposed for-profit owner to deposit or expend funds, or both, in such amount and manner and for such purposes and to take such other actions as the authority may require in order to assure that the principal amount of the M/D loan does not exceed the limitations specified in the Act and these rules and regulations or otherwise imposed by the authority. No transfer of ownership from a nonprofit owner to a for-profit owner shall be approved if such transfer would, in the judgment of the authority, affect the tax-exemption of the notes or bonds, if any, issued by the authority to finance the development. The authority will not approve any such transfer of ownership if any loss of property tax abatement as a result of such transfer will, in the determination of the authority, adversely affect the financial strength or security of the M/D development.

The authority may require that any cash proceeds received by the nonprofit owner (after the payment of transaction costs and the funding of any fees, costs, expenses, reserves or escrows required or approved by the authority) be used for such charitable or other purposes as the authority may approve.

E. A request for transfer of ownership shall be reviewed by the executive director and may be approved by him subject to such terms and conditions as he may require.

After approval of the request, an approval letter will be issued to the mortgagor consenting to the transfer. Such letter shall be contingent upon the delivery and execution of any and all closing documents required by the authority with respect to the transfer of ownership and the fulfillment of any special conditions required by the executive director.

The authority may require that the proposed ownership entity execute the then current forms of the authority's M/D loan documents in substitution of the existing M/D loan documents or to execute such amendments to the existing M/D loan documents, or both, as the authority may require in order to cause the provisions of such documents to incorporate the then existing policies, procedures and requirements of the authority. At the closing of the transfer, all documents required by the approval letter shall be, where required, executed and recorded; all funds required by the approval letter will be paid or deposited in accordance therewith; and all other terms and conditions of the approval letter shall be satisfied. If deemed appropriate by the executive director, the original mortgagor shall be released from all liability and obligations which may thereafter arise under the documents previously executed with respect to the M/D development.

In the case of an M/D development which is in default or which is experiencing or is expected by the authority to experience financial, physical or other problems adversely affecting its financial strength and stability or its proper operation, maintenance or management, the authority may waive or modify any of the requirements herein as it may deem necessary or appropriate in order to assist the M/D development or to protect the authority's interest as lender, or both.

Statutory Authority

§ 36-55.30:3 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR400-02-0013 § 13, eff. November 1, 1987; amended, Virginia Register Volume 5, Issue 21, eff. July 1, 1989; Volume 6, Issue 1, eff. September 20, 1989; Volume 8, Issue 6, eff. November 15, 1991; Volume 11, Issue 6, eff. November 16, 1994.

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