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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 13. Housing
Agency 10. Virginia Housing Development Authority
Chapter 140. Rules and Regulations for the Acquisition of Multi-Family Housing Developments

13VAC10-140-40. Application and acceptance for processing.

Application for consideration of each proposal for the authority to acquire a development and, if applicable, to finance the construction thereof shall be commenced by filing with the authority an application, on such form or forms as the executive director may from time to time prescribe, together with such documents and additional information as may be requested by the authority. The authority's staff shall review each application and any additional information submitted by the applicant or obtained from other sources by the authority in its review of each proposed development. Such review shall be performed in accordance with subdivision 2 of subsection D of § 36-55.33:1 of the Code of Virginia, if applicable, and shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. An analysis of the site characteristics, surrounding land uses, available utilities, transportation, employment opportunities, recreational opportunities, shopping facilities and other factors affecting the site;

2. An evaluation of the ability, experience and financial capacity of the applicant;

3. A preliminary evaluation of the estimated construction costs and the proposed design and structure of the proposed development;

4. A preliminary review of the estimated operating expenses and proposed rents and a preliminary evaluation of the adequacy of the proposed rents to sustain the proposed development based upon the assumed occupancy rate and estimated purchase price and financing costs; and

5. A preliminary evaluation of the need for such housing at rentals or prices which persons and families of low and moderate income can afford within the general housing market area to be served by the proposed development.

Based on the authority's review of the applications, documents and any additional information submitted by the applicants or obtained from other sources by the authority in its review of the proposed developments, the executive director shall accept for processing those applications which he determines satisfy the following criteria:

1. The applicant either owns or leases the site of the proposed development or has the legal right to acquire or lease the site in such manner, at such time and subject to such terms as will permit the applicant to process the application and consummate the initial closing.

2. Subject to further review and evaluation by the authority's staff under 13VAC10-140-50 of this chapter, the estimated construction costs and operating expenses appear to be complete, reasonable and comparable to those of similar developments.

3. Subject to further review and evaluation by the authority's staff under 13VAC10-140-50 of this chapter, the proposed rents appear to be at levels which will (i) be affordable by the persons and families intended to be assisted by the authority, (ii) permit the successful marketing of the units to such persons and families, and (iii) sustain the operation of the proposed development.

4. The applicant has the experience, ability and financial capacity necessary to carry out its responsibilities for the construction and, prior to acquisition thereof by the authority, the ownership, operation, marketing, maintenance and management of the proposed development.

5. The proposed development will contribute to the implementation of the policies and programs of the authority in providing decent, safe and sanitary rental housing for low and moderate income persons and families who cannot otherwise afford such housing and will assist in meeting the need for such housing in the market area of the proposed development.

6. It appears that the proposed development and applicant will be able to meet the requirements for feasibility and commitment set forth in 13VAC10-140-50 and that the proposed development will otherwise continue to be processed through initial closing and will be completed and conveyed to the authority all in compliance with the Act, the documents and contracts executed at initial closing, applicable federal laws, rules and regulations, and the provisions of these rules and regulations and without unreasonable delay, interruptions or expense.

Applications shall be selected only to the extent that the authority has or expects to have funds available from the sale of its notes or bonds to finance the acquisition of and, if applicable, the construction loan for the proposed developments.

The executive director's determinations with respect to the above criteria shall be based only on the documents and information received or obtained by him at that time and are subject to modification or reversal upon his receipt of additional documents or information at a later time. If the executive director determines that the above criteria are satisfied, he will recommend further processing of the application and shall present his recommendation to the board. If the executive director determines that one or more of the above criteria are not satisfied, he may nevertheless, in his discretion, recommend to the board further processing of the application, subject to satisfaction of such criteria in such manner and within such time period as he shall deem appropriate. The board shall review and consider the recommendation of the executive director, and if it concurs with such recommendation, it shall by resolution approve the application and authorize the issuance of a commitment to acquire the development and, if applicable, to finance the construction thereof, subject to the further review in 13VAC10-140-50 of this chapter and such terms and conditions as the board shall require in such resolution.

If the development is to be acquired by a successor entity formed by the authority as described in 13VAC10-140-80, the resolution shall authorize (i) the assignment to such successor entity of the authority's interest in the contract to acquire the development and (ii), if applicable, the making of a permanent loan to such successor entity in an amount set forth therein to finance the acquisition cost of the development and such other costs relating to the acquisition and ownership of the development and to the financing thereof as the authority shall deem necessary or appropriate.

If the development is to be acquired by a successor entity which is a for-profit housing sponsor, the board may in its resolution prescribe, in accordance with the authority's rules and regulations for multi-family housing developments, the maximum annual rate at which distributions may be made.

Neither an acquisition by the authority of a development nor a construction or permanent loan for such development pursuant to these rules and regulations shall be authorized unless the board by resolution shall make the applicable findings required by § 36-55.33:2 and subsection A of § 36-55.39, as applicable, of the Code of Virginia; provided, however, that the board may in its discretion authorize the acquisition or the permanent loan in advance of the issuance of the commitment therefor in accordance herewith without making the finding, required by subsection A of § 36-55.33:2 of the Code of Virginia, subject to the condition that such finding be made by the board prior to the authority's acquisition and permanent financing of the development; provided further, however, the board may in its discretion authorize a construction loan for the development without the executive director making the finding required by subsection B of § 36-55.39 of the Code of Virginia, subject to the condition that such finding be made by the executive director prior to the financing of the construction loan.

The executive director may impose such terms and conditions with respect to acceptance for processing as he shall deem necessary or appropriate. If any proposed development is so accepted for processing, the executive director shall notify the sponsor of such acceptance and of any terms and conditions imposed with respect thereto. If the executive director determines not to recommend approval of the application, he shall so notify the applicant.

Statutory Authority

§ 36-55.30:3 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR400-02-0014 § 4, eff. March 16, 1988; amended, Virginia Register Volume 5, Issue 21, eff. July 1, 1989; Volume 8, Issue 6, November 15, 1991; Volume 11, Issue 6, eff. November 16, 1994; Volume 11, Issue 21, eff. July 1, 1995.

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