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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 18. Professional And Occupational Licensing
Agency 10. Board For Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers And Landscape Architects
Chapter 20. Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers and Landscape Architects Regulations


License/CertificateRenewal Form (Architect, Professional Engineer, Land Surveyor, Surveyor Photogrammetrist,Landscape Architect, Interior Designer), A415-04REN-v1 (eff. 10/2011)

ArchitectLicense Application, 0401LIC_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

Verificationof Architect Examination & Licensure Form, 0401ELV (rev. 4/2012)

ArchitectExperience Verification Form, 0401LIC_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

ArchitectClient Experience Verification Form, 0401CEXP (rev. 4/2012)

ArchitectDegree Verification Form, 0401DEG (rev. 4/2012)

ArchitectReference Form, 0401REF_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

ArchitectLicense Reinstatement Application, 0401REI_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

ProfessionalEngineer License Application, 0402LIC_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

ProfessionalEngineer Reference Form, 0402REF_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

ProfessionalEngineer License Reinstatement Application, 0402REI_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

ProfessionalEngineer & Engineer-in-Training Degree Verification Form, 0402_20DEG (rev.4/2012)

ProfessionalEngineer & Engineer-in-Training Experience Verification Form,0402_20EXP_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

EngineerVerification of Examination and Licensure Form, 0402_20ELV (rev. 4/2012)

Engineer-in-TrainingDesignation Application, 0420DES_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

Engineer-in-TrainingReference Form, 0420REF_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

CourseRequirements for Engineering Technology Program, 0402CREQ (rev. 4/2012)

LandSurveyor License Application, 0403LIC_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

LandSurveyor License Reinstatement Application, 0403REI_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

LandSurveyor B License Application, 0404LIC_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

LandSurveyor B License Reinstatement Application, 0404REI_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

LandSurveyor & Surveyor-in-Training Degree Verification Form, 0403_30DEG (rev.4/2012)

LandSurveyor Verification of Examination and Licensure Form, 0403_30ELV (rev.4/2012)

LandSurveyor & Surveyor-in-Training Experience Verification Form, 0403_30EXP_2018,(rev. 7/2018)

SurveyorPhotogrammetrist License Application, 0408LIC_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

SurveyorPhotogrammetrist Reference Form, 0408REF_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

SurveyorPhotogrammetrist Experience Verification Form, 0408EXP_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

SurveyorPhotogrammetrist License Reinstatement Application, 0408REI_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

SurveyorPhotogrammetrist Degree Verification Form, 0408DEG (rev. 4/2012)

SurveyorPhotogrammetrist Verification of Examination and Licensure Form, 0408elvf (eff.4/2012)

Surveyor-in-TrainingDesignation Application, 0430DES_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

LandscapeArchitect License Application, 0406LIC_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

LandscapeArchitects Reference Form, 0406REF_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

Verificationof Landscape Architect Examination and Licensure Form, 0406ELV (rev. 4/2012)

LandscapeArchitect Experience Verification Form for Examination and Comity Applicants,0406EXP (rev. 4/2012)

LandscapeArchitect Degree Verification Form, 0406DEG (rev. 4/2012)

LandscapeArchitect License Reinstatement Application, 0406REI_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

InteriorDesigner Certificate Application, 0412CERT_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

Verificationof Interior Designer Examination and Certification Form, 0412ELV (rev. 4/2012)

InteriorDesigner Degree Verification Form, 0412DEG (rev. 4/2012)

InteriorDesigner Experience Verification Form, 0412EXP_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

InteriorDesigner Certificate Reinstatement Application, 0412REI_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

ProfessionalCorporation Registration Application (Professional Corporation InformationSheet), 04PCREG (rev. 4/2012)

ProfessionalCorporation Branch Office Registration Application, 04BRPCREG (rev. 4/2012)

BusinessEntity Registration Application (Business Entity Information Sheet)04BUSREG_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

BusinessEntity Branch Office Registration Application, 04BRBUSREG_2018, (rev. 7/2018)

ProfessionalLimited Liability Company Registration Application (Professional LimitedLiability Company Information Sheet) 04PLCREG (rev. 4/2012)

ProfessionalLimited Liability Company Branch Office Registration Application, 04BRPLCREG(rev. 4/2012)

CriminalConviction Reporting Form, A406-01CCR-v1 (eff. 5/2015)

DisciplinaryAction Reporting Form, A406-01DAR-v1 (eff. 5/2015)

CriminalConviction - Supplemental Form, Requesting an Informal Fact Finding (IFF)Conference, A713-01IFF-v1 (eff. 1/2016)

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