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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 4. Conservation And Natural Resources
Agency 25. Department of Energy
Chapter 150. Virginia Gas and Oil Regulation

4VAC25-150-110. Permit supplements and permit modifications.

A. Permit supplements.

1. Standard permit supplements. A permittee shall be allowed to submit a permit supplement when work being performed:

a. Does not change the disturbance area as described in the original permit; and

b. Involves activities previously permitted.

The permittee shall submit written documentation of the changes made to the permitted area no later than 30 days after completing the change. All other changes to the permit shall require a permit modification in accordance with § 45.2-1631 of the Code of Virginia.

2. Permit supplements for disclosure of ingredients used in hydraulic fracturing. Prior to completion of a well, the permittee shall submit a permit supplement when the ingredients expected to be used in the hydraulic fracturing process differ in any way from that which was submitted pursuant to subdivision C 7 of 4VAC25-150-80. The permittee should identify any ingredients claimed to be trade secrets, and the department shall utilize the process described in 4VAC25-150-365 C to determine if the identified ingredients are entitled to trade secret protection.

3. Emergency permit supplements. If a change must be implemented immediately for an area off the disturbance area as described in the original permit, or for an activity not previously permitted due to actual or threatened imminent danger to the public safety or to the environment, the permittee shall:

a. Take immediate action to minimize the danger to the public or to the environment;

b. Notify the director as soon as possible of actions taken to minimize the danger and, if the director determines an emergency still exists and grants oral approval, commence additional changes if necessary; and

c. Submit a supplement to the permit within seven working days of notifying the director with a written description of the emergency and action taken. An incident report may also be required as provided for in 4VAC25-150-380.

Any changes to the permit are to be temporary and restricted to those that are absolutely necessary to minimize danger. Any permanent changes to the permit shall require a permit modification as provided for in subsection B of this section.

B. Permit modifications.

1. Applicability. All changes to the permit which do not fit the description contained in subsection A of this section shall require a permit modification in accordance with § 45.2-1631 of the Code of Virginia.

2. Notice and fees. Notice of a permit modification shall be given in accordance with § 45.2-1632 of the Code of Virginia. The application for a permit modification shall be accompanied, as applicable, by the fee in accordance with § 45.2-1631 of the Code of Virginia and the bond in accordance with § 45.2-1633 of the Code of Virginia.

3. Waiver of right to object. Upon receipt of notice, any person may, on a form approved by the director, waive the time requirements and their right to object to a proposed permit modification. The department shall be entitled to rely upon the waiver to approve the permit modification.

4. Permit modification. The permittee shall submit a written application for a permit modification on a form prescribed by the director. The permittee may not undertake the proposed work until the permit modification has been issued. As appropriate, the application shall include, but not be limited to:

a. The name and address of:

(1) The permittee; and

(2) Each person whom the applicant must notify under § 45.2-1632 of the Code of Virginia;

b. The certifications required in § 45.2-1631 E of the Code of Virginia;

c. The proof of notice required in § 45.2-1631 E of the Code of Virginia, as provided for in 4VAC25-150-80 C 4;

d. Identification of the type of work for which a permit modification is requested;

e. The plat in accordance with 4VAC25-150-90;

f. All data, maps, plats and plans in accordance with 4VAC25-150-100 necessary to describe the activity proposed to be undertaken;

g. When the permit modification includes abandoning a gas or oil well as a water well, a description of the plugging to be completed up to the water-bearing formation and a copy of the permit issued for the water well by the Virginia Department of Health;

h. The information required for operations involving hydrogen sulfide in accordance with 4VAC25-150-350 if applicable to the proposed operations;

i. The spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plan, if one has been developed for the site of the proposed operations, or the emergency response plan;

j. The Department of Energy, Division of Mined Land Repurposing's permit number for any area included in a Division of Mined Land Repurposing permit; and

k. The information, as appropriate, required in 4VAC25-150-500, 4VAC25-150-560, 4VAC25-150-670, or 4VAC25-150-720.

5. Upon receipt of an application for a permit modification for a well in Tidewater Virginia, the director may require additional documentation to supplement information submitted to the department pursuant to subsection B of § 62.1-195.1 of the Code of Virginia. If additional documentation is required, the operator shall submit that documentation to the director and the Department of Environmental Quality.

Statutory Authority

§ 45.2-103 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR480-05-22.1 § 1.11, eff. September 25, 1991; amended, Virginia Register Volume 15, Issue 2, eff. November 11, 1998; Volume 29, Issue 3, eff. November 8, 2012; Volume 30, Issue 1, eff. October 10, 2013; Volume 33, Issue 7, eff. December 28, 2016; Volume 38, Issue 13, eff. March 31, 2022.

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