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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 4. Conservation And Natural Resources
Agency 25. Department of Energy
Chapter 160. Virginia Gas and Oil Board Regulations

4VAC25-160-70. Applications to pool interests in a drilling unit: conventional gas or oil or no conflicting claims to coalbed methane gas ownership.

A. Applications filed under § 45.2-1620 of the Code of Virginia to pool interests in a drilling unit for conventional gas or oil or for coalbed methane gas where there are no conflicting claims to ownership of the coalbed methane gas, except as provided for in subsection B of this section, shall contain the following:

1. The name and address of the applicant and the applicant's counsel, if any;

2. In the case of an application to vacate or amend an order, identification of the order to be vacated or amended;

3. A statement of the relief sought and proposed provisions of the order or a proposed order;

4. Citations of statutes, rules, orders, and decided cases supporting the relief sought;

5. A statement of the type of well or wells (gas, oil or coalbed methane gas);

6. The permit number or numbers, if any have been issued;

7. A plat showing the size and shape of the proposed unit and boundaries of tracts within the unit, shown in accordance with the Virginia Coordinate System of 1983, as defined in § 1-600 of the Code of Virginia, also known as the State Plane Coordinate System. Also included shall be the names of owners of record of the tracts, and the percentage of acreage in each tract, certified by a licensed land surveyor or a licensed professional engineer and attested by the applicant as to its conformity to existing orders issued by the board;

8. A description of the status of interests to be pooled in the unit at the time the application is filed;

9. For an application to pool a coalbed methane gas unit, a statement of the percentage of the total interest held by the applicant in the proposed unit at the time the application for the hearing is filed;

10. A statement of the names of owners and the percentage of interests to be escrowed under § 45.2-1620 of the Code of Virginia for each owner whose location is unknown at the time the application for the hearing is filed;

11. A description of the formation or formations to be produced;

12. An estimate of production over the life of well or wells, and, if different, an estimate of the recoverable reserves of the unit;

13. An estimate of the allowable costs in accordance with 4VAC25-160-100;

14. An affidavit demonstrating that due diligence was used to locate and serve persons in accordance with § 45.2-1618 of the Code of Virginia and 4VAC25-160-40 C; and

15. When required, proof of notice by publication in accordance with 4VAC25-160-40 C.

B. Applications to amend an order pooling interests in a drilling unit may be filed by written stipulation of all persons affected. The application is not required to contain the information specified in subsection A of this section, but shall contain the proposed amended language to the order, shown by interlineation.

C. Within 45 days after the time for election provided in any pooling order has expired, the unit operator shall file an affidavit with the board stating whether or not any elections were made. If any elections were made, the affidavit shall name each respondent making an election and describe the election made. The affidavit shall state if no elections were made or if any response was untimely. The affidavit shall be accompanied by a proposed supplemental order to be made and recorded to complete the record regarding elections. The affidavit and proposed supplemental order shall be filed by the unit operator within 45 days of the last day on which a timely election could have been delivered or mailed, or within 45 days of the last date for payment set forth in the pooling order, whichever occurs last. The applicant shall mail a true and correct copy of any supplemental order to all persons identified in the supplemental order.

Statutory Authority

§ 45.2-103 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR480-05-22.2 § 7, eff. October 23, 1991; amended, Virginia Register Volume 13, Issue 22, eff. August 20, 1997; Volume 29, Issue 3, eff. November 8, 2012; Volume 38, Issue 13, eff. March 31, 2022.

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