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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 8. Education
Agency 103. Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts
Chapter 20. Parking Regulations, Appeals and Fines

8VAC103-20-20. General provisions.

A. Registration requirements.

1. All employees parking motorized vehicles on the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts campus must display a parking permit issued by the Parking Services Manager, unless the employee has parked in a designated visitor parking area and is paying the going daily rate.

2. Failure to properly register employee vehicles and to display the permit may result in a fine for the parking violation and possible immobilization of the vehicle.

B. Eligibility for permanent parking permits.

1. A current VMFA ID card, or other evidence of eligibility (authorizing signature on a ID card request form or a letter of employment) will be required when registering for a permanent parking permit.

2. Employees may register motorcycles, mopeds, or motorized scooters in addition to passenger vehicles. No more than one registered employee vehicle may be parked in the designated staff parking area at any time.

3. All vehicles registered must be owned by the registrant or a member of the registrant's family.

4. Each trustee will be automatically issued an ID card that serves as a permanent parking pass for the term of his appointment to the board. Trustees unable to produce their electronic ID card will pay the going daily visitor rate to exit the parking facility.

C. Volunteer and intern parking.

1. Departments using the services of volunteer staff may register with the Parking Services Manager for parking privileges at no charge for their use of a limited number of designated parking spaces. Volunteer permits are valid for no more than a single year (12 months).

2. Departments using the services of interns should direct such persons to visit the Parking Services Office to obtain a temporary parking permit. No fee will be collected for the temporary permit assigned for the terms and duration of the assignment. Availability of permits is limited. Interns will be permitted to park in designated areas as space is available.

3. All permits will be recovered and returned to the Parking Services Manager at the termination of the respective agreement.

D. Visitor parking.

1. Visitors may park in the park and pay facilities or pay-by-the-hour parking areas. All visitors are subject to receiving fines or being immobilized or towed for unauthorized parking in permit only or nonparking areas.

2. Only the Parking Services Office may authorize a visitor to park in an area not designated for visitors.

E. Temporary permits/museum guest parking.

1. Departments receiving guests may purchase from the Parking Services Office a temporary parking permit at a reduced daily rate.

2. Employees of companies involved in construction or similar projects on campus may park in a designated job site without a permit. This area should be defined in cooperation with the Parking Services Manager. When parking outside the designated zone, a permit is required and must be purchased from the Parking Services Office.

F. Permit usage and requirement.

1. A permanent parking permit or a temporary permit displayed from the rearview mirror of a passenger vehicle (or in the wind screen of vehicles without rearview mirrors), is required for parking on the VMFA campus in any area other than park and pay and pay-by-the-hour areas. Convertibles, jeeps, or other open top vehicles that may leave a temporary permit unsecured may be issued special decals to be affixed to the windshield.

2. Motorcycles and similar vehicles shall have the parking permit permanently affixed to the vehicle on the front or back fender for visibility. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in bicycle racks, fire lanes, yellow zones, sidewalks, decks, handicap spaces, access zones, or any other unauthorized space.

3. While permits may be transferred to any vehicle driven by the permit holder, the registered permit holder is responsible for all citations issued to that permit. Permits are not transferable from person to person. No permit is considered legal unless it is purchased directly from the Parking Services Office by the individual and the individual is currently eligible for the permit issued. Vehicles displaying illegal permits will be issued a citation in addition to being immobilized or towed at owner's expense.

4. It is the responsibility of the registrant to remove permanent parking permits from a vehicle when it is sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of.

5. Failure to obtain and display a valid permit may result in parking fines or immobilization of the vehicle until fines are paid.

G. Refunds on parking permits.

1. Employees terminating employment must turn in their permit in order to receive a prorated refund. Employees will be charged from the time the permit was issued through the full month in which they are requesting a refund. Refunds are issued after any remaining debts are paid to the department.

2. No refunds will be given on temporary permits.

H. Replacement of permits.

1. If a hangtag malfunctions, the permit holder may obtain a replacement at no charge by returning the defective permit to the Parking Services Office. If a windshield decal stops adhering, the permit holder may obtain a replacement at no charge by returning the defective permit to the Parking Services Office.

2. If a permanent permit is lost, stolen, or nonreturnable, a charge of $5.00 will be assessed for a replacement.

I. Short-term parking.

1. Metered spaces are provided for the short-term parking convenience of persons visiting the ticket office, museum restaurants or VMFA shop. When the ticket office, restaurants and the shop are normally open, the metered spaces will be limited to short-term parking only.

2. Enforcement.

a. Meter parking is enforced: 7 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. everyday.

b. Persons with a valid DMV-issued handicap license plate or hangtag may use the metered parking spaces at no charge for the first four hours. After four hours the standard rate for the parking space applies.

c. A VMFA parking permit is not valid as payment at meters.

d. Parking or standing at an expired meter is not allowed and will result in a fine.

J. Missing or inoperable meters.

1. Inoperable meters are considered closed spaces; vehicles parked in these spaces are subject to a parking violation. Missing and inoperable meters should be reported to the Parking Services Office immediately for replacement or repair.

2. Cases of meter vandalism may be tried in a Virginia court of law as destruction of property or larceny, in addition to any violation issued.

3. Valid currency.

a. Only United States currency may be used in parking meters.

b. Federal law prohibits the use of other currency, altered U.S. currency, or other objects.

K. Loading and unloading spaces.

1. Loading and unloading is permitted only in designated areas and in accordance with the signing of that space. Prohibited and restricted areas, handicapped spaces, fire lanes, and meters are not designated for loading and unloading.

2. Any vehicle loading or unloading in these areas is subject to a fine, or towing, at owner's risk and expense.

3. Use of loading/unloading spaces.

a. A valid VMFA permit must be displayed in order to park in a loading/unloading space.

b. Loading/unloading parking is limited to the posted time limit unless the Parking Services Office grants an exception for special circumstances. Vehicles exceeding the posted time limit are subject to a fine.

L. Parking space availability. The purchase of a parking permit gives the permit holder the right to park in a designated area only when there is space available in that location. The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee the purchaser access to a parking space at all times.

M. Liability disclaimer. VMFA, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and agents of VMFA do not assume responsibility for any vehicle or its contents when parked on museum property. The museum and the state do not assume responsibility for damage to vehicles that are booted, immobilized, or towed due to violations incurred or as a result of other violations.

Statutory Authority

§ 23-9.2:3 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 23, Issue 7, eff. December 11, 2006.

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