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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 9. Environment
Agency 25. State Water Control Board
Chapter 31. Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) Permit Regulation

9VAC25-31-810. POTW pretreatment programs and/or authorization to revise pretreatment standards: submission for app.

A. A POTW requesting approval of a POTW pretreatment program shall develop a program description which includes the information set forth in subdivisions B 1 through B 4 of this section. This description shall be submitted to the department which will make a determination on the request for program approval in accordance with the procedures described in 9VAC25-31-830.

B. The program description must contain the following information:

1. A statement from the city solicitor or a city official acting in a comparable capacity (or the attorney for those POTWs which have independent legal counsel) that the POTW has authority adequate to carry out the programs described in 9VAC25-31-800. This statement shall:

a. Identify the provision of the legal authority under 9VAC25-31-800 F 1 which provides the basis for each procedure under 9VAC25-31-800 F 2;

b. Identify the manner in which the POTW will implement the program requirements set forth in 9VAC25-31-800, including the means by which pretreatment standards will be applied to individual industrial users (e.g., by order, permit, ordinance, etc.); and

c. Identify how the POTW intends to ensure compliance with pretreatment standards and requirements, and to enforce them in the event of noncompliance by industrial users;

2. A copy of any statutes, ordinances, regulations, agreements, or other authorities relied upon by the POTW for its administration of the program which meet the requirements of 9VAC25-31-800 F 1. This submission shall include a statement reflecting the endorsement or approval of the local boards or bodies responsible for supervising or funding the POTW pretreatment program if approved;

3. A brief description (including organization charts) of the POTW organization which will administer the pretreatment program. If more than one agency is responsible for administration of the program the responsible agencies shall be identified, their respective responsibilities delineated, and their procedures for coordination set forth in an inter-jurisdictional agreement; and

4. A description of the funding levels and full and part-time manpower available to implement the program.

C. The POTW may request conditional approval of the pretreatment program pending the acquisition of funding and personnel from certain elements of the program. The request for conditional approval must meet the requirements set forth in subsection B of this section except that the requirements of subsection B of this section may be relaxed if the submission demonstrates that:

1. A limited aspect of the program does not need to be implemented immediately;

2. The POTW had adequate legal authority and procedures to carry out those aspects of the program which will not be implemented immediately; and

3. Funding and personnel for the program aspects to be implemented at a later date will be available when needed. The POTW will describe in the submission the mechanism by which this funding will be acquired. Upon receipt of a request for conditional approval, the director will establish a fixed date for the acquisition of the needed funding and personnel. If funding is not acquired by this date, the conditional approval of the POTW pretreatment program and any removal allowances granted to the POTW may be modified or withdrawn.

D. The request for authority to revise categorical pretreatment standards must contain the information required in 9VAC25-31-790 D.

E. Any POTW requesting POTW pretreatment program approval shall submit to the department three copies of the submission described in subsection B, and if appropriate, subsection D of this section. Within 60 days after receiving the submission, the director shall make a preliminary determination of whether the submission meets the requirements of subsection B and, if appropriate, subsection D of this section. If the director makes the preliminary determination that the submission meets these requirements, the director shall:

1. Notify the POTW that the submission has been received and is under review; and

2. Commence the public notice and evaluation activities set forth in 9VAC25-31-830.

F. If, after review of the submission as provided for in subsection E of this section, the director determines that the submission does not comply with the requirements of subsections B or C of this section, and, if appropriate, subsection D, of this section, the director shall provide notice in writing to the applying POTW and each person who has requested individual notice. This notification shall identify any defects in the submission and advise the POTW and each person who has requested individual notice of the means by which the POTW can comply with the applicable requirements of subsections B, C of this section, and, if appropriate, subsection D of this section.

G. Consistency with water quality management plans.

1. In order to be approved the POTW pretreatment program shall be consistent with any approved water quality management plan developed in accordance with 40 CFR Parts 130 and 131, as revised, where such 208 plan includes management agency designations and addresses pretreatment in a manner consistent with this part. In order to assure such consistency the director shall solicit the review and comment of the appropriate 208 planning agency during the public comment period provided for in 9VAC25-31-830 B 1 b prior to approval or disapproval of the program.

2. Where no 208 plan has been approved or where a plan has been approved but lacks management agency designations or does not address pretreatment in a manner consistent with this part, the director shall nevertheless solicit the review and comment of the appropriate 208 planning agency.

Statutory Authority

§ 62.1-44.15 of the Code of Virginia; § 402 of the federal Clean Water Act; 40 CFR Parts 122, 123, 124, 403, and 503.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 12, Issue 20, eff. July 24, 1996; amended, Virginia Register Volume 16, Issue 25, eff. September 27, 2000; Volume 18, Issue 9, eff. February 15, 2002; Volume 28, Issue 10, eff. February 15, 2012.

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