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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 9. Environment
Agency 25. State Water Control Board
Chapter 640. Aboveground Storage Tank and Pipeline Facility Financial Responsibility Requirements

9VAC25-640-250:3. Appendix III. Endorsement.

(Note: The instructions in brackets are to be replaced by the relevant information and the brackets deleted.)

Name: ________ [name of each covered location] _____________

Address: _____ [address of each covered location] _____________

Policy Number: _____________

Period of Coverage: ____ [current policy period] _____________

Name of Insurer:



Address of Insurer:



Name of Insured: _____________

Address of Insured:





1. This endorsement certifies that the policy to which the endorsement is attached provides liability insurance covering the following aboveground storage tanks and/or pipelines in connection with the insured's obligation to demonstrate financial responsibility under 9VAC25-640:

[List for each facility: the name and address of the facility where tanks assured by this mechanism are located, either the registration identification number assigned by the department or the Oil Discharge Contingency Plan facility identification number, and whether tanks are assured by this mechanism. If more than one instrument is used to assure different tanks at any one facility, list each tank assured by this mechanism.

List for each pipeline: the home office address and the names of the cities and counties in the Commonwealth where the pipeline is located.]

for containment and clean up of a discharge of oil in accordance with and subject to the limits of liability, exclusions, conditions, and other terms of the policy; [if coverage is different for different tanks or locations, indicate the type of coverage applicable to each tank or location] arising from operating the aboveground storage tank(s) and/or pipelines identified above.

The limits of liability are [insert the dollar amount of the containment and clean up "each occurrence" and "annual aggregate" limits of the Insurer's or Group's liability; if the amount of coverage is different for different types of coverage or for different aboveground storage tanks, pipelines or locations, indicate the amount of coverage for each type of coverage and/or for each aboveground storage tank, pipeline or location], exclusive of legal defense costs, which are subject to a separate limit under the policy. This coverage is provided under [policy number]. The effective date of said policy is [date].

2. The insurance afforded with respect to such occurrences is subject to all of the terms and conditions of the policy; provided, however, that any provisions inconsistent with subsections (a) through (d) for occurrence policies and (a) through (e) for claims-made policies of this Paragraph 2 are hereby amended to conform with subsections (a) through (e):

a. Bankruptcy or insolvency of the insured shall not relieve the Insurer of its obligations under the policy to which this endorsement is attached.

b. The Insurer is liable for the payment of amounts within any deductible applicable to the policy to the provider of containment and clean up, with a right of reimbursement by the insured for any such payment made by the Insurer.

This provision does not apply with respect to that amount of any deductible for which coverage is demonstrated under another mechanism or combination of mechanisms as specified in 9VAC25-640-70 through 9VAC25-640-120.

c. Whenever requested by the State Water Control Board, the Insurer agrees to furnish to State Water Control Board a signed duplicate original of the policy and all endorsements.

d. Cancellation or any other termination of the insurance by the Insurer, except for on-payment of premium or misrepresentation by the insured, will be effective only upon written notice and only after the expiration of 60 days after a copy of such written notice is received by the insured and the State Water Control Board. Cancellation for non-payment of premium or misrepresentation by the insured will be effective only upon written notice and only after expiration of a minimum of 15 days after a copy of such written notice is received by the insured and the State Water Control Board.

[Insert for claims-made policies:

e. The insurance covers claims otherwise covered by the policy that are reported to the Insurer within six months of the effective date of cancellation or nonrenewal of the policy except where the new or renewed policy has the same retroactive date or a retroactive date earlier than that of the prior policy, and which arise out of any covered occurrence that commenced after the policy retroactive date, if applicable, and prior to such policy renewal or termination date. Claims reported during such extended reporting period are subject to the terms, conditions, limits, including limits of liability, and exclusions of the policy.]

I hereby certify that the wording of this endorsement is in no respect less favorable than the coverage specified in Appendix III of 9VAC25-640 and has been so certified by the State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I further certify that the Insurer is licensed to transact the business of insurance or eligible to provide insurance as an excess or surplus lines insurer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

[Signature of authorized representative of Insurer]

[Name of person signing]

[Title of person signing], Authorized Representative of [name of Insurer]

[Address of Representative]

Statutory Authority

§§ 62.1-44.15 and 62.1-44.34:16 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Volume 17, Issue 10, eff. March 2, 2001; amended, Virginia Register Volume 25, Issue 02, eff. November 1, 2008.

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