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Article 5. Game Requirements

11VAC20-20-440. Game play requirements.

A. A player receives an electronic pull-tab in return for consideration. A player wins if the player's electronic pull-tab contains a combination of symbols or numbers that was designated in advance of the game as a winning combination. There may be multiple winning combinations in each game. Electronic versions of instant bingo and pull-tabs, as authorized by the department, shall only utilize electronic gaming devices that allow players to play electronic pull-tabs. An electronic gaming device shall meet the following minimum requirements:

1. A player may purchase an opportunity to play an electronic pull-tab by:

a. Insertion of United States currency (bills only);

b. Purchase made at a point of sale terminal; or

c. Withdrawing deposits available in a player account.

2. The available games, flare, and rules of play shall be displayed on the electronic gaming device's video screen. Rules of play shall include all winning combinations.

3. Any number of game themes may be selectable for play on any given electronic gaming device. Only one of the game themes shall be playable at any given time.

4. An electronic gaming device shall be clearly labeled so as to inform the public that no one younger than 21 years of age is allowed to play.

5. An electronic gaming device shall not be capable of displaying any enticing animation while in an idle state. An electronic gaming device may use simple display elements or screen savers to prevent monitor damage.

6. The results of the electronic pull-tab shall be shown to the player using a video display. No rolling, flashing, or spinning animations are permitted. No rotating reels marked into horizontal segments by varying symbols are permitted.

7. Any sound or music solely intended to entice a player to play is prohibited. Any sound or music emitted by an electronic gaming device must not be played at a level sufficient to disturb other players or patrons.

8. The electronic gaming device shall have one or more buttons, electromechanical or touch screen, to facilitate the following functions:

a. Viewing of the game "help" screens;

b. Viewing of the game rules;

c. Initiating game play;

d. Cashout or logout; and

e. One or more buttons designated to reveal the pull-tab or instant bingo windows.

9. Following play on an electronic gaming device, the result shall be clearly shown on the video display along with any prizes that may have been awarded. Prizes may be dispensed in the form of:

a. Voucher;

b. Added to the machine balance meter; or

c. Added to the player's account balance.

10. An available balance may be collected from the electronic gaming device by the player pressing the "cashout" button or logging off of the electronic gaming device at any time other than during:

a. A game being played;

b. While in an audit mode or screen;

c. Any door open;

d. Test mode;

e. A machine balance meter or win meter incrementation unless the entire amount is placed on the meter when the "cashout" button is pressed; or

f. An error condition.

11. The default electronic gaming device display, upon entering game play mode, shall not be the top award.

B. An electronic gaming device shall not have hardware or software that determines the outcome of any electronic pull-tab, produce its own outcome, or affect the order of electronic pull-tabs as dispensed from the distributed pull-tab system. The game outcome shall be determined by the distributed pull-tab system as outlined within this chapter.

C. Game themes shall not contain obscene or offensive graphics, animations, or references. The department shall determine what constitutes obscene or offensive graphics, animations, or references.

D. Prior to approval for use, each electronic gaming device must meet the following specifications with respect to its operation:

1. After accepting an allowable cash payment from the player, the player shall press a "play" button to initiate a game.

2. The electronic gaming device shall not display in any manner, the number of electronic pull-tabs of each finite category, or how many cards remain.

3. Awards of merchandise prizes in lieu of cash are prohibited.

4. The player must interact with the device to initiate a game and reveal a win or loss. This may involve a button press on the console or on the touch screen.

5. The electronic pull-tab must be initially displayed with a cover and require player interaction to reveal the symbols and game outcome.

6. In no event may an electronic gaming device simulate play of roulette, poker, keno, lotto or lottery, twenty-one, blackjack, or any other card game, or simulate play of any type of slot machine game, regardless of whether the machine has a payback feature or extra play awards.

7. Card symbols such as ace, king, queen, or heart are acceptable, provided the device abides by the prohibition in subdivision 6 of this subsection.

8. Games must not contain any elements of skill.

E. Each electronic gaming device must meet the following specifications with respect to its metering system:

1. An electronic gaming device shall contain electronic metering whereby meters record and display on the video screen the following information at a minimum:

a. Total cash in for the bill acceptor if equipped with a bill acceptor;

b. Total cash played;

c. Total cash won;

d. Total cash removed from electronic gaming device;

e. Total count of electronic pull-tabs played; and

f. Total count of electronic pull-tabs won.

2. An electronic meter shall be capable of maintaining correct totals and be of no less than 10 digits in length.

3. An electronic gaming device shall not be capable of displaying the number of electronic pull-tabs that remain in the game set or the number of winners or losers that have been drawn or still remain in the game set while the game set is still being played.

4. An electronic meter shall not be capable of being automatically reset or cleared, whether due to an error in any aspect of the meter's or a game's operation or otherwise.

5. Currency meters shall be maintained in dollars and cents.

Statutory Authority

§ 18.2-340.15 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 39, Issue 14, eff. March 29, 2023.

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