Twin County Airport Commission


1964 Acts of Assembly, c. 379.


2009, c. 232 (§ 1)

§ 1. There is hereby created a Commission to be known as the Twin County Airport Commission. The Commission shall be composed of six members, two of whom shall be selected by each of the governing bodies of the counties of Carroll and Grayson and two of whom shall be selected by the council of the city of Galax. Each of the members shall serve at the pleasure of the governing body appointing him and shall receive such compensation, if any, as shall be determined by the appointing authority. (1964, c. 379; 2009, c. 232)

§ 2. The Commission may, on behalf of the respective counties, towns and city, exercise any of the powers and perform any of the duties set forth in article 1 of chapter 3 of Title 5 of the Code of Virginia, including, but not limited to, acceptance and expenditures of funds from any source, public or private, for the purposes set forth in such article. (1964, c. 379)