Drakes Branch, Town of

County of Charlotte

Current charter

Incorporation, 1902-3-4, c. 150.

Amendments to current charter

1998, c. 275 (§§ 1, 2, 3, 4 [repealed], 5 [repealed])

§ 1. The community of Drakes Branch, in the County of Charlotte, as the same has heretofore been or may hereafter be laid off in lots, streets, and alleys shall be, and the same is hereby, made a town corporate by the name of Drakes Branch, and by that name shall have and exercise all of the rights, powers, liabilities, and restrictions imposed by law for the government of towns of less than five thousand inhabitants.  (1903, c. 150; 1998, c. 275)

§ 2. The boundaries of said town shall be embraced within the limits of one mile extending north, south, east, and west from a point in the center of the intersection of the public road with the track of the main line of the Southern Railway at the railroad station, making an area of two miles square.  (1903, c. 150; 1998, c. 275)

§ 3. The officers of said town shall be a mayor, a council consisting of six members, and such other officers as the council may deem proper and necessary for the government of the town and the conduct of its business. The mayor and council shall be elected for a term of four years beginning with the election of 1998.  (1903, c. 150; 1998, c. 275)

§ 4.  (1903, c. 150; repealed 1998, c. 275)

§ 5.  (1903, c. 150; repealed 1998, c. 275)