Newsoms, Town of

County of Southampton

History of incorporation

Incorporated by order of the Circuit Court of Southampton County, April 1, 1946 (Book 15, p. 491). Plat recorded in Plat Book #4, Page #197.

Editor's note: A photocopy of the circuit court order is on file in the Legislative Reference Center at the Division of Legislative Services.

In the Matter of Incorporation

of The Town of Newsoms


This day came more than 20 duly qualified voters of the thickly settled community of Newsoms located in this county and living within the boundaries hereinafter set out, and presented to the court their petition setting forth the metes and bounds of said community and praying that said community may be incorporated as a town.

And it appearing to the court from satisfactory proof that said petition, together with notice attached stating that said petition would be presented this day to the court for action thereon, has been published in full in the Tidewater News, a newspaper published in said County once a week for four successive weeks and posted at the front door of the Courthouse of said County for four weeks as required by law, which said petition and a map showing proposed limits of the Town of Newsoms made by C. R. Revelle, Surveyor, or, Conway, N. C., January, l946, are this day filed, and it further appearing to the court that it will be to the interest of the inhabitants of said community to incorporate same as a town; that the prayer of said petition is reasonable; that the general good of the community will be promoted by said incorporation; that the number of inhabitants of said community exceeds 200 and does not exceed 5000, and that the area of land designed to be embraced within the town is not excessive.

COURT DOTH THEREFORE ORDER that said community be, and the same is hereby incorporated as a town by the name and style of the Town of Newsoms. The metes and bounds of said town are hereby designated as follows and the inhabitants within such bounds shall be, and they are hereby declared, a body politic and corporate with all the powers, privileges and duties conferred upon and appertaining to towns under the general law:

Beginning in the center of the highway leading from Newsoms to Sands and Statesville, near the Baptist Church and near a lane leading east from said highway; thence S. 73 degrees 10" W. 150.5 ft. across another highway; thence S. 24 degrees 45" W. 130 ft. to Darden Mill Swamp; thence S. 24 degrees 45" W. 110 ft.; thence S. 4 degrees 30" E. 275 ft.; thence S. 43 degrees 30" W. 171 ft.; thence S. 71 degrees 15" W. 92 ft.; thence N. 17 degrees 0" W. 113 ft; thence N. 10 degrees 20" W. 336 ft.; thence N. 70 degrees 15" W. 883 ft.; thence N. along a wire fence 991 ft.; thence N. 69 degrees 30" W. 835.5 ft. to right of way of Seaboard Airline Railroad; thence along south side of said right of way S. 63 degrees 10" W. 482 ft.; thence N. 27 degrees 10" W. 258 ft.; thence N. 12 degrees 25" E. 562 ft.; thence N. 24 degrees 10" W. 651 ft. to center of Boykins road; thence N. one degree 45" W. 155 ft.; thence N. 6 degrees 30" E. 979 ft. to a gum tree; thence N. 72 degrees 30" E. 500 ft. to old road leading to Boykins and near a colored church; thence N. 80 degrees 3555 ft. to a small pond; thence S. 5 degrees 30" E. 247 ft. and 1765 ft. across to a new road and across said railroad to a cherry tree; thence S. 79 degrees 0" W. 249 ft. along southern side of said railroad right of way; thence S. 17 degrees 0" E. 550 ft.; thence S. 75 degrees 35" W. 832 ft. to a cedar tree; thence S. 6 degrees 20" E. 1222 ft.; thence S. 1 degree 0" W. 236 ft; thence S. 73 degrees 10" W. 567 ft.; to the point of beginning.

It is further ordered that an election shall be held in said Town for the election of town officers at the Woman's Club or Community House on the 11th day of June, 1946, and the electoral board of this county shall, not less than 15 days before said election, appoint one registrar and 3 judges of election who shall also act as commissioners of election and said officers of election shall conform to the requirements of law regarding their respective offices and the conduct of said election shall conform in all respects to the requirements of general law regarding the holding of elections in towns so far as applicable. Said election shall be held and the vote counted, returned, canvassed and certified as regular elections are held, returned, canvassed and certified, and the officers elected shall hold office until the next regular election of town officers to be held as provided by general law.

And the Clerk of this Court is hereby directed to transmit to the chairman of the electoral board for this county a copy of this order and is further directed to record in the plat book in his office the above mentioned map of the Town of Newsoms.

It is further ordered that in the election of June 11, 1946, the electors of said town shall elect a Mayor, 6 councilmen, who shall hold office until the next regular election of town Officers as provided by law.