1998 Uncodified Acts

1998 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act to authorize the Commonwealth to convey certain property to the Town of Richlands.

[S 24]

Approved April 8, 1998

Whereas, the Commonwealth is constructing a National Guard Armory on the campus of the Southwest Virginia Community College in Richlands; and

Whereas, the existing National Guard Armory located in the Town of Richlands will no longer be utilized by the Commonwealth after the completion of the new armory on the campus of Southwest Virginia Community College; and

Whereas, the Town of Richlands is in a position to utilize the building and grounds of the existing armory for various beneficial public purposes; and

Whereas, on April 25, 1996, the Governor's Commission on Conversion of State-Owned Property recommended that the existing National Guard Armory be conveyed to the Town of Richlands upon the completion of the new armory; now, therefore,

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. § 1. That the Commonwealth of Virginia is hereby authorized to convey by gift, with the approval of the Governor and in a form approved by the Attorney General, to the Town of Richlands, the National Guard Armory buildings, excluding the organizational maintenance shop (OMS) and land within the fenced-in area around the OMS, in the Town of Richlands. Such property is identified as all property not currently owned by the Town as shown on the "Plat of Survey of the Richlands National Guard Armory Properties and the adjoining properties of the Town of Richlands, showing various exchanges of Parcels A, B, C, & D," by Andrew W. Cecil, Land Surveyor, dated June 8, 1990, revised June 14, 1991 (recorded in the Clerk's Office of Tazewell County Circuit Court, Virginia in DB 631 PG 858, PB 32 PG 22, and PC 6723), less and except all of Parcel "B", and those portions of the adjacent parcel and Parcel "D" that are within the chain link fence that surrounds the motor pool. The conveyance shall not occur until the construction of a National Guard Armory on the campus of the Southwest Virginia Community College is completed. The appropriate officials of the Commonwealth are hereby authorized to prepare, execute, and deliver such deed and other documents as may be necessary to accomplish such conveyance. The Town of Richlands shall pay all costs and expenses incurred in the transfer, including but not limited to environmental costs and payments due to the United States under the existing lease of a certain metal building.