1998 Uncodified Acts

1998 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act to authorize the Virginia Marine Resources Commission to convey certain formerly submerged lands of the James River to Chesterfield County.

[H 779]

Approved March 10, 1998

Whereas, it is the desire of the County of Chesterfield to develop a wildlife management area in the Dutch Gap area of the James River, a portion of which is property belonging to the Commonwealth of Virginia; now, therefore,

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. § 1. That the Marine Resources Commission is hereby authorized and empowered with the approval of the Governor to execute in the name of the Commonwealth a deed conveying to the County of Chesterfield, subject to such terms and conditions as the Commission may deem proper, for use in the development of a wildlife management area, such rights, title and interest as the Commonwealth may have in the tract of land described as follows: all land which may have been formerly the channel of the James River contained in Parcel A and/or Parcel E on a plat prepared by Koontz-Bryant, P.C., Engineers and Surveyors, dated December 11, 1996, entitled "Plat Showing Nine Parcels of Land Lying at the Southeast Intersection of Coxendale Road and Dutch Gap Cutoff" and recorded in the land records of Chesterfield County in Plat Book 92, Page 95 on January 6, 1997.