2000 Uncodified Acts

2000 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act to remove a certain area in the waters of the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River from the natural oyster rocks, beds and shoals embraced within the Baylor Survey.

[S 219]

Approved February 15, 2000

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. § 1. That a portion of Public Ground Number 11, located in the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River and previously set aside in Norfolk County but now being in the City of Norfolk, shall no longer be a part of the natural oyster rocks, beds, and shoals of the waters of this Commonwealth and shall henceforth be assignable to any person for lawful private usage. The portion to be removed is described as follows:

Beginning at a point in the southwest corner of the survey of Public Ground Number 11 noted as 76, then proceeding along the western boundary line, 76-4B, in a northeasterly direction approximately 730 feet to a point 4B, then southeasterly along the northern boundary line, 4B-3B, approximately 650 feet to a point 3B, then southwesterly along a line from point 3B to the point of beginning, 76, for a total area of approximately 5.28 acres.

2. That an emergency exists and this act is in force from its passage.