2005 Uncodified Acts

2005 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act for the relief of Beulah K. Davidson.

[H 2747]

Approved March 20, 2005


Whereas, in 1923, a certain parcel of land located in the Town of Big Stone Gap, Wise County, was lawfully sold from one party to another, and this sale was correctly recorded in the records of the Clerk of Wise County; and

Whereas, following this sale, an additional, erroneous record for this property was created in the Clerk of Wise County's records that did not reflect the lawful sale; and

Whereas, in 1994, the Commonwealth escheated the property due to unpaid taxes related to an erroneous record; and

Whereas, at the escheat sale in 1994, Rosa K. Kelley purchased the property as it was reflected in the erroneous record for the amount of $1,050.00; however, due to the erroneous record, she did not actually purchase any interest in the property but instead purchased, in essence, an erroneous record; and

Whereas, these facts came to light in December 2003, whereupon the Commissioner of the Revenue of Wise County contacted Ms. Kelley's daughter, Beulah K. Davidson, who is Ms. Kelley's successor-in-interest for the property; and

Whereas, Ms. Kelley purchased rights in a property that the Commonwealth is unable to convey, and Ms. Davidson has no other means to obtain adequate relief except by action of this body; now, therefore,

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1.  § 1. That there shall be paid for the relief of Beulah K. Davidson from the State Insurance Reserve Trust Fund, upon execution of a release of all claims she may have against the Commonwealth or any agency, instrumentality, officer, employee, or political subdivision in connection with the aforesaid occurrence, the sum of $1,050.00 to be paid to Beulah K. Davidson on or before August 1, 2005, by check issued by the State Treasurer on warrant of the Comptroller.