2006 Uncodified Acts

2006 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act to authorize the Virginia Public Building Authority to issue bonds in an amount not to exceed $201,900,000 to pay the costs of the State Agency Radio System for the Department of State Police.

[H 83]

Approved March 30, 2006


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. § 1. That pursuant to §§ 2.2-2261, 2.2-2263, and 2.2-2264 of the Code of Virginia, the General Assembly hereby authorizes the Virginia Public Building Authority to finance without limitation the development, acquisition, equipping and construction of the following project:

Agency                         Project Description             Amount
Department of State            State Agency Radio System
 Police                        (STARS), Phase II          $201,900,000

The STARS project may consist of but is not limited to land, mobile telecommunications equipment and towers, software, radio frequency rights and licenses, communications control buildings and facilities, related infrastructure, and other project costs necessary, incidental, or convenient to undertake, develop, acquire, and construct the integrated statewide shared land-mobile radio communications system for the Commonwealth and its localities and governmental units.

§ 2. The Virginia Public Building Authority is also authorized to exercise any and all powers granted to it by law in connection with the foregoing, including the power to finance the cost of the above project by the issuance of revenue bonds in a principal amount not to exceed $201,900,000 plus amounts needed to fund issuance costs, reserve funds, original issue discount, other financing expenses, and interest for up to one year after completion.

§ 3. The proceeds of the bonds are hereby appropriated for disbursement from the state treasury pursuant to Article X, Section 7 of the Constitution of Virginia, and § 2.2-1819 of the Code of Virginia. The general conditions and general provisions of the general appropriation act enacted pursuant to Chapter 15 (§ 2.2-1500 et seq.) of Title 2.2 of the Code of Virginia, in effect from time to time, and all of the terms and conditions contained therein shall apply to the capital projects listed in this act.