2006 Uncodified Acts

2006 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act to convey Sam's Restaurant in Hampton, Virginia.

[H 898]

Approved April 5, 2006


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1.  § 1. That the Governor is hereby authorized to sell and convey, upon consultation with the Virginia Marine Resources Commission in regard to the terms and conditions of the sale and conveyance, and in consideration of the mutual promises of the parties and the payment of fair market value consideration, to Ocean Properties, LLC, an irregular-shaped lot, piece, or parcel of land of approximately .107 acres situate, lying and being in the downtown section of Hampton, Virginia, said parcel being known as Sam's Restaurant and further described as follows: commencing at a point on the eastern right-of-way line of Water Street at the northeast intersection of Water Street and East Mellon Street; thence departing East Mellon Street and running S56-16'08"E a distance of 116.50'; thence S54-06'08"E a distance of 66.11' to a point, this being the point of beginning; thence departing the point of beginning and running N46-37'54"E a distance of 4.91'; thence N80-31'06"E a distance of 41.74', thence N51-35'39"E a distance of 111.48'; thence S47-45'54"E a distance of 14.10'; thence S42-25'37"W a distance of 103.03'; thence S46-20'57"E a distance of 35.06'; thence S43-38'36"W a distance of 20.79'; thence N46-31'32"W a distance of 35.83'; thence S43-10'57"W a distance of 12.88'; thence N58-38'11"W a distance of 57.66' to the point of beginning. The property is delineated on the survey prepared by Jeffrey J. Vierrether, dated September 15, 2004.

§ 2. Such sale and conveyance shall be made in a form approved by the Attorney General. The appropriate officials of the Commonwealth are hereby authorized to prepare, execute, and deliver such deed and other documents as may be necessary to accomplish the sale and conveyance.