2008 Uncodified Acts

2008 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act authorizing the Department of Social Services to establish Intensive Case Monitoring pilot programs for child support enforcement in order to reduce jail overcrowding, provide less costly child support enforcement alternatives, and maximize the potential for child support payment.

[H 1257]

Approved March 7, 2008


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1.  § 1. That the Department of Social Services is authorized to establish pilot programs in four judicial districts within the Commonwealth to provide Intensive Case Monitoring Programs for noncustodial parents who are referred to the program upon failure to pay child support following an administrative determination or an order of the court.  Such programs shall provide referrals to (i) employment services, to include employment assessment, employment search, and employment training; (ii) family services, including parenting skills, co-parenting skills, and relationship-building activities for parents and children; (iii) educational services, including GED preparation and GED testing; (iv) housing services, including referrals to organizations that operate shelters and provide subsidies; (v) document assistance, including referrals to organizations and assistance in securing vital records, driver’s licenses, commercial driver’s licenses, or other documents; and (vi) social services, health and mental health services, substance abuse services, or other services that may be necessary to enable the person to pay child support owed in the future. Programs authorized pursuant to this section shall also offer case management services, to include (a) assistance in developing a plan identifying services and programs necessary to comply with the requirements of any administrative or court order referring the person to the program, (b) assistance in making contacts and appointments with organizations offering those services and programs, (c) appointment reminders and follow-up to determine any next steps that may be required, (d) tracking of compliance with any administrative or court order referring the person to the program, and (e) regular reporting to the court regarding compliance with the order referring the person to the program.

2. That the provisions of this act shall not become effective unless general funds effectuating the purposes of this act are included in the general appropriation act passed by the 2008 Session of the General Assembly, which becomes law.