2014 Uncodified Acts

2014 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act to direct the Department of Transportation to maintain the rural road network in Loudoun County.

[H 416]

Approved March 24, 2014


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. § 1. In recognition that Loudoun County contains one of the largest and the highest-volume network of rural gravel roads in the Commonwealth at 280 centerline miles, and in recognition of the importance of the contribution that many of these rural gravel roads make to the preservation of the unique cultural and historic heritage of the County and of the Commonwealth, the Department of Transportation shall do the following in carrying out its duties and responsibilities to properly maintain the rural gravel road network in Loudoun County:

1. Coordinate with the County and with affected residents in order to better understand their specific maintenance concerns and in order to better prioritize how the Department allocates its maintenance budget to address such local concerns;

2. Continue, whenever practicable, to maintain rural gravel roads in traditional alignment, surface treatment, and width and protect banks, stone walls, and roadside trees in all rural, agricultural, and historic areas;

3. Apply the Department's Rural Rustic Road policies in any paving program in rural, agricultural, or historic areas, unless requested otherwise by the County, and focus limited paving resources primarily on highly traveled roads in developed areas; and

4. Provide an annual report to the County detailing how the Department expended funds in the prior fiscal year for the maintenance of rural gravel roads in the County.