2020 Uncodified Acts

2020 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act to permit the Chesterfield County School Board to establish a regional recovery high school.

[H 928]

Approved April 10, 2020


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. § 1. The Chesterfield County School Board may, notwithstanding the provisions of § 22.1-26 of the Code of Virginia or any other provision of law to the contrary, establish a recovery high school in the school division as a year-round high school (i) for which enrollment is open to any high school student who resides in Superintendent's Region 1 and is in the early stages of recovery from substance use disorder or dependency and (ii) for the purpose of providing such students with the academic, emotional, and social support necessary to make progress toward earning a high school diploma and reintegrating into a traditional high school setting.