2022 Uncodified Acts

2022 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act to direct the Department of Corrections to make recommendations regarding certain fees in state correctional facilities.

[H 665]

Approved April 11, 2022


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. § 1. The Department of Corrections (the Department) shall convene a work group to review and make recommendations regarding the reduction or elimination of costs and fees charged to inmates in state correctional facilities to use telephone services, purchase items or services from stores or commissaries, obtain pre-release copies of medical records, utilize electronic visitation systems, and maintain personal trust accounts, and any other costs and fees deemed relevant by the Department. The Department shall include all relevant stakeholders on the work group and shall report its findings and recommendations to the Chairmen of the House Committee on Public Safety and the Senate Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services by October 1, 2022.