2013 Uncodified Acts

2013 Virginia Uncodified Acts


An Act authorizing the exchange of easements between the Department of Forestry and the Ratcliffe Foundation.

[S 1068]

Approved March 6, 2013


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1.  § 1. That in accordance with and as evidence of General Assembly approval pursuant to § 10.1-1107 of the Code of Virginia, the Department of Forestry is hereby authorized to convey, upon such terms as the Department deems proper, with the approval of the Governor, a perpetual right-of-way easement across the Channels State Forest to the Ratcliffe Foundation. Such easement shall be 20 feet in width and run with the existing road in the location described to the greatest extent possible. The final easement may vary as necessary to reach the boundary of the Russell County Parcel, and as deemed necessary by both parties as an improvement in the road location. The purpose of the conveyance from the Department of Forestry to the Ratcliffe Foundation is to provide access to other property of the Ratcliffe Foundation, located in Russell County, identified as tax map parcel number 80-R-35-40.

§ 2. In consideration for such conveyance, the Department is hereby authorized to accept, on behalf of the Commonwealth, a conveyance from the Ratcliffe Foundation of a perpetual nonexclusive right-of-way easement across a portion of Ratcliffe Foundation property, identified as tax map parcel 031-A-1 in Washington County. Such easement shall be 20 feet in width and run with the existing road in the location described. The purpose of this conveyance is to provide the Department with improved access to the Channels State Forest, identified as tax map parcels 009-A-1 and 021-A-1 in Washington County, in a manner advantageous to the Department's management and protection needs.

The deeds conveying the easements shall be in a form approved by the Attorney General.