Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 45.1. Mines and Mining

Title 45.1. Mines and Mining (2020 Updates)

  • Chapter 14.4:1. Mineral Mine Safety Act
    • Article 1. General Provisions
    • § 45.1-161.292:5
      Persons permitted to work in mines; age requirements
  • Chapter 14.7:2. Trust for Coal Interests
    • Article 1. Unknown Coal Owners
    • § 45.1-161.311:6
      Duty of trustee; sale of lease; distribution of funds
  • Chapter 16. Permits for Certain Mining Operations; Reclamation of Land
    • Article 2. Regulation of Mining Activity
    • § 45.1-181
      Permit required; fee; renewal fee; application; furnishing copy of map, etc., to landowner; approval by Department
  • Chapter 22.1. The Virginia Gas and Oil Act
    • Article 2. Gas and Oil Conservation
    • § 45.1-361.21
      Pooling of interests in drilling units
  • Chapter 27. Clean Energy Advisory Board
    • § 45.1-395
      Clean Energy Advisory Board; purpose
      § 45.1-396
      Membership; terms; quorum; meetings
      § 45.1-397
      Powers and duties of the Board; report
      § 45.1-398
      Low-to-Moderate Income Solar Loan and Rebate Fund
      § 45.1-399
      Low-to-Moderate Income Solar Loan and Rebate Pilot Program