Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 63.2. Welfare (Social Services)

Title 63.2. Welfare (Social Services) (2017 Updates)

  • Subtitle I. General Provisions Relating to Social Services
  • Subtitle II. Public Assistance
  • Chapter 5. General Provisions
    • § 63.2-501
      Application for assistance
      § 63.2-501.1
      Application for public assistance; accurate contact information; authorized disclosures
  • Subtitle III. Social Services Programs
  • Chapter 9. Foster Care
    • § 63.2-900
      Accepting children for placement in homes, facilities, etc., by local boards
      § 63.2-901.1
      Criminal history and central registry check for placements of children
      § 63.2-904
      Investigation, visitation, and supervision of foster homes or independent living arrangement; removal of child
      § 63.2-905.4
      Individuals in foster care on eighteenth birthday; enrollment in Commonwealth's program of medical assistance
      § 63.2-905.5
      Survey of children aging out of foster care
      § 63.2-910.2
      Petition to terminate parental rights
  • Chapter 12. Adoption
    • Article 1. General Provisions
    • § 63.2-1201
      Filing of petition for adoption; venue; jurisdiction; and proceedings
      § 63.2-1202
      Parental, or agency, consent required; exceptions
    • Article 2. Agency Adoptions
    • § 63.2-1222
      Execution of entrustment agreement by birth parent(s); exceptions; notice and objection to entrustment; copy required to be furnished; requirement for agencies outside the Commonwealth
      § 63.2-1224
      Explanation of process, legal effects of adoption required
    • Article 3. Parental Placement Adoptions
    • § 63.2-1231
      Home study; meeting required; exception
      § 63.2-1232
      Requirements of a parental placement adoption; exception
      § 63.2-1233
      Consent to be executed in juvenile and domestic relations district court; exceptions
  • Chapter 13. Adoption Assistance for Children with Special Needs
    • § 63.2-1300
      Purpose and intent of adoption assistance; eligibility
      § 63.2-1301
      Types of adoption assistance payments
      § 63.2-1302
      Adoption assistance payments; maintenance; special needs; payment agreements; continuation of payments when adoptive parents move to another jurisdiction; procedural requirements
      § 63.2-1303
      Application for adoption assistance payments
  • Chapter 15. Child Abuse and Neglect
    • Article 1. General Provisions
    • § 63.2-1503
      Local departments to establish child-protective services; duties
      § 63.2-1505
      Investigations by local departments
      § 63.2-1506
      Family assessments by local departments
    • Article 2. Complaints
    • § 63.2-1509
      Requirement that certain injuries to children be reported by physicians, nurses, teachers, etc.; penalty for failure to report
  • Chapter 16. Adult Services
    • Article 1. Adult Services
    • § 63.2-1601.1
      Criminal history check for agency approved providers of services to adults
    • Article 2. Adult Protective Services
    • § 63.2-1605
      Protective services for adults by local departments
      § 63.2-1606
      Protection of aged or incapacitated adults; mandated and voluntary reporting
  • Subtitle IV. Licensure
  • Chapter 17. Licensure and Registration Procedures
    • Article 1. General Provisions
    • § 63.2-1701
      Licenses required; issuance, expiration, and renewal; maximum number of residents, participants or children; posting of licenses
      § 63.2-1709.2
      Enforcement and sanctions; special orders; civil penalties
    • Article 2. Unlicensed Programs
    • § 63.2-1715
      Exemptions from licensure
      § 63.2-1717
      Certification of preschool or nursery school programs operated by accredited private schools; provisional certification; annual statement and documentary evidence required; enforcement; injunctive relief
    • Article 3. Background Checks
    • § 63.2-1719
      Barrier crime; construction
      § 63.2-1720
      (For expiration date, see Editor's note) Assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, child-placing agencies, and independent foster homes; employment for compensation of persons or use of volunteers convicted of certain offenses prohibited; background check required; penalty
      § 63.2-1721
      (For expiration date, see Editor's notes) Background check upon application for licensure as a child-placing agency or independent foster home; penalty
      § 63.2-1722
      (For expiration date, see Editor's note) Revocation or denial of renewal based on background checks; failure to obtain background check
      § 63.2-1722
      (For effective date, see Editor's notes) Revocation or denial of renewal based on background checks; failure to obtain background check
      § 63.2-1723
      Child welfare agencies; criminal conviction and waiver
      § 63.2-1724
      (For expiration date, see Editor's notes) Records check by unlicensed child day center; penalty
      § 63.2-1725
      (For expiration date, see Editor's notes) Child day centers or family day homes receiving federal, state, or local child care funds; eligibility requirements
      § 63.2-1726
      Background check required; children's residential facilities