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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 11. Gaming
Agency 5. Virginia Lottery Board
Chapter 70. Sports Betting

11VAC5-70-290. Player accounts.

A. Wagering on sporting events is permitted only by a player who has established a player account with an approved permit holder.

B. The information necessary to initiate a player account shall be recorded and maintained for a period of five years and shall include at least:

1. Player's legal name;

2. Player's date of birth;

3. Player's residential address (other than a post office box) and mailing address if different;

4. Player's phone number;

5. Player's active email address;

6. Player's social security number ("SSN") or equivalent for a foreign player who intends to place a wager within the Commonwealth of Virginia, such as a passport or taxpayer identification number. The player may enter only the last four digits of a SSN if other factors are sufficient to determine the entire nine-digit SSN within a reasonable time;

7. Verification that the player is not prohibited by the sports betting law or this chapter from participating in sports betting; and

8. Document number of the government-issued identification credentials entered, or other methodology for remote, multi-source authentication, which may include third-party and governmental databases, as approved by the director.

C. A permit holder shall record the player's acceptance of the terms and conditions and privacy policy and acknowledgment that the information provided is accurate and the player is prohibited from allowing any other person to access or use the player's player account.

D. If a permit holder determines that the information provided by a player to make a deposit or process a withdrawal is inaccurate or incapable of verification; fails to verify the identity of the player; or the player violates the policies and procedures of the permit holder, the permit holder shall, within 21 days, require the submission of additional information from the player that can be used to remedy any violation or failure to verify the identity or funds deposit or withdrawal information of the player. If such information is not provided or does not result in verification of the player's identity or deposit or withdrawal information, the permit holder shall:

1. Immediately suspend the player account and not allow the player to place wagers;

2. Submit any winnings attributable to the player to the director for distribution to the Commonwealth's Problem Gambling Treatment and Support Fund;

3. Refund the balance of deposits made to the account to the source of such deposit or by issuance of a check; and

4. Deactivate the account.

E. A permit holder shall notify the player of the establishment of the player account by email, text message, or first-class mail. When a player account is created, a secure personal identification (e.g., a unique username and password) for the player authorized to use the player account shall be established that is reasonably designed to prevent unauthorized access to, or use of, the player account by any individual other than the player for whom the player account is established.

F. A player may have only one player account for each permit holder.

G. A player account may be funded using:

1. A debit card;

2.A credit card;

3. An electronic bank transfer, including a transfer through third parties;

4. An online or mobile payment systems that supports online money transfers;

5. Winnings or payouts;

6. Bonuses and promotions;

7. Reloadable prepaid card, which has been verified as being issued to the player and is non-transferable; and

8. Any other means approved by the board.

H. Funds may be withdrawn from a player account through:

1. Wagers;

2. Cashier's check, wire transfer, or money order by the permit holder made payable to the player and issued directly or delivered to the player's address on file with the permit holder;

3. Credits to the player's debit card;

4. Credits to the player's credit card;

5. Electronic bank transfers, including transfers through third parties;

6. Online or mobile payment systems that support online money transfers;

7.Reloadable prepaid card, which has been verified as being issued to the player and is nontransferable; or

8. Any other means approved by the board.

I. A player's request for withdrawal of funds (i.e., deposited and cleared funds or funds won) in the individual's player account shall be completed within 10 days unless there is a pending unresolved player dispute or investigation prompted by a player dispute or the director. Funds for withdrawal may be withheld from withdrawal until the funding transaction clears or the chargeback period ends.

J. All adjustments to a player account for individual amounts of $500 or less shall be periodically reviewed by the permit holder consistent with the permit holder's internal control standards. All other adjustments shall be authorized by the permit holder's management before being entered.

K. A permit holder shall not allow the transfer of funds or credits between players.

L. Each transaction with respect to a player account between a player and permit holder, except the placement or settlement of a wager, shall be confirmed by email, telephone, text message, or other means agreed upon by the player and permit holder.

M. A permit holder shall provide an account statement to a player on demand. An account statement shall include detailed account activity for at least six months preceding the 24-hour period before the request. In addition, permit holders shall, upon request, be capable of providing to a player a summary statement of all player activity during the previous 12 months.

N. A permit holder shall suspend wagers from being made and immediately reverify a player's identification upon reasonable suspicion that the player's identification or player account has been compromised.

O. A permit holder shall offer an easily accessible method for a player to close the player's account. Any balance remaining in an account closed by a player shall be refunded pursuant to the permit holder's internal control standards within 10 days of notice from the player.

P. A sports betting platform shall employ a mechanism that can detect and prevent any player-initiated wagering or withdrawal activity that would result in a negative balance of a player account.

Q. A player's account shall be disabled by the permit holder after three failed login attempts and require multi-source authentication to recover or reset a password or username.

R. A permit holder shall suspend a player account if:

1. The player asks for suspension for a specified period not less than 72 hours as a self-limiting measure;

2. Required by the director;

3. The permit holder determines that the player may be a prohibited individual; or

4. The permit holder knows or has reason to know of:

a. Illegal activity related to the account;

b. A negative account balance;

c. Five failed ACH deposit attempts within a 24-hour period; or

d. A violation of the terms and conditions that has taken place on the player's account.

S. When a sports betting account is suspended, the player shall be prevented from:

1. Wagering;

2. Depositing funds, unless the reason for the deposit is to clear a negative balance that resulted in the suspension;

3. Withdrawing funds, unless the reason for the suspension would not prohibit a withdrawal;

4. Making changes to the player account; or

5. Removing the player account from the sports betting platform.

T. A suspended player account may be restored:

1. Upon expiration of the time period established by the player;

2. When permission is granted by the director;

3. When the player is no longer a prohibited individual; or

4. When the permit holder has lifted the suspended status.

Statutory Authority

§§ 58.1-4007, 58.1-4015.1, and 58.1-4030 through 58.1-4047 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 37, Issue 4, eff. October 12, 2020.

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