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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 12. Health
Agency 30. Department of Medical Assistance Services
Chapter 70. Methods and Standards for Establishing Payment Rates; In-Patient Hospital Care

12VAC30-70-480. Refund of overpayments.

A. Lump sum payment. When the settlement of a hospital fiscal year indicates that an overpayment has occurred, full refund shall be remitted with the cost report. In cases where the state agency discovers an overpayment during desk review, field audit, or final settlement, the state agency shall promptly send the first demand letter requesting a lump sum refund. Recovery shall be undertaken unless the hospital disputes the state agency's determination of the overpayment. If the hospital disputes the state agency "s determination, recovery, if any, shall be undertaken after the issue date of any administrative decision issued by the state agency after an informal fact finding conference.

B. Offset. If the hospital has been overpaid for a particular fiscal year and has been underpaid for another fiscal year, the underpayment shall be offset against the overpayment. So long as the hospital has an overpayment balance, any underpayments discovered by subsequent review or audit shall also be used to reduce the remaining amount of the overpayment.

C. Payment schedule. If the hospital cannot refund the total amount of the overpayment (i) at the time it files a cost report indicating that an overpayment has occurred, the hospital shall request an extended repayment schedule at the time of filing or (ii) within 30 days after receiving the DMAS demand letter, the hospital shall promptly request an extended repayment schedule.

DMAS may establish a repayment schedule of up to 12 months to recover all or part of an overpayment or, if a hospital demonstrates that repayment within a 12-month period would create severe financial hardship, the Director of the Department of Medical Assistance Services (the director) may approve a repayment schedule of up to 36 months.

A hospital shall have no more than one extended repayment schedule in place at one time. If an audit later uncovers an additional overpayment, the full amount shall be repaid within 30 days unless the hospital submits further documentation supporting a modification to the existing extended repayment schedule to include the additional amount.

If, during the time an extended repayment schedule is in effect, the hospital withdraws from the program or fails to file a cost report in a timely manner, the outstanding balance shall become immediately due and payable.

When a repayment schedule is used to recover only part of an overpayment, the remaining amount shall be recovered by the reduction of interim payments to the hospital or by lump sum payments.

D. Extension request documentation. In the request for an extended repayment schedule, the hospital shall document the need for an extended (beyond 30 days) repayment and submit a written proposal scheduling the dates and amounts of repayments. If DMAS approves the schedule, DMAS shall send the hospital written notification of the approved repayment schedule, which shall be effective retroactive to the date the hospital submitted the proposal.

E. Interest charge on extended repayment. Interest charges on the unpaid balance of any overpayment shall accrue pursuant to § 32.1-313 of the Code of Virginia from the date the director's determination becomes final.

The director's determination shall be deemed to be final on (i) the due date of any cost report filed by the hospital indicating that an overpayment has occurred, or (ii) the issue date of any notice of overpayment, issued by DMAS, if the hospital does not file an appeal, or (iii) the issue date of any administrative decision issued by DMAS after an informal fact finding conference, regardless of whether the hospital files a further appeal. In any event, interest shall be waived if the overpayment is completely liquidated within 30 days of the date of the final determination. In cases in which a determination of overpayment has been judicially reversed, the hospital shall be reimbursed that portion of the payment to which it is entitled, plus any applicable interest which the hospital paid to DMAS.

Statutory Authority

§ 32.1-325 of the Code of Virginia and Item 322 J of Chapter 912 of the 1996 Virginia Acts of Assembly.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 13, Issue 18, eff. July 1, 1997.

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