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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 19. Public Safety

19VAC30. Department of State Police




The Department of State Police has adopted Public Participation Guidelines as required by the Administrative Process Act. Code of Virginia, Title 2.2, Chapter 40, Article 2. The Superintendent is authorized, with the cooperation of such other agencies of the Commonwealth as may be necessary, to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations pertaining to commercial motor vehicle safety pursuant to the United States Motor Carrier Act of 1984. Such rules and regulations set forth criteria relating to driver, vehicle, and cargo safety inspections with which motor carrier and transport vehicles must comply. Code of Virginia, Title 52, Chapter 1.

The Department of State Police and the Superintendent of the Department of State Police are authorized to prescribe standards and specifications for motor vehicle equipment, for size and placement of local license stickers, and for certain safety equipment for motorcycles and operators; and sale or use of certain equipment is subject to its approval. Code of Virginia, Title 46.2, Chapters 8 and 10. It has authority to designate official inspection stations and to make regulations governing the making of inspections. Code of Virginia, Title 46.2, Chapter 10, Article 21. 

The Department is authorized to make regulations specifying certain matters to be recorded by pawnbrokers. Code of Virginia, Title 54.1, Chapter 40. All machine guns are required to be registered with the department. Code of Virginia, Title 18.2, Chapter 7, Article 5. The department is responsible for the operation of (i) the Central Criminal Records Exchange, the central repository for criminal history record information in the Commonwealth, (ii) the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry, the central repository for the purpose of assisting the efforts of law-enforcement agencies to protect their communities from repeat sex offenders and protect children from becoming victims of criminal offenders who target children, and (iii) the Protective Order Registry, the central repository of information regarding outstanding, valid protective orders. Code of Virginia, Title 9.1, Chapter 9 and Title 19.2, Chapter 23.

The Department is responsible for promulgating regulations for (i) the operation of a basic coordinating police communications system in the Commonwealth (Code of Virginia, Title 52, Chapter 2), (ii) the operation of a uniform crime reporting system in the Commonwealth (Code of Virginia, Title 52, Chapter 6), (iii)  reporting and return of firearms confiscated or recovered by law enforcement agencies (Code of Virginia, Title 52, Chapter 6), (iv) the establishment and operation of the Missing Children Information Clearinghouse in the Commonwealth (Code of Virginia, Title 52, Chapter 7), and (v) the operation of a witness protection program (Code of Virginia, Title 52, Chapter 8).

The Department is responsible for providing criminal history record information via a toll-free telephone number to Virginia firearms dealers before they may transfer firearms. Code of Virginia, Title 18.2, Chapter 7, Article 7, and Title 52, Chapter 1. The Agency is also responsible for providing firearms dealers with transaction forms for gathering and retaining certain information concerning firearms transactions and for providing notice to the department by a promoter of a firearms show. Code of Virginia, Title 54.1, Chapter 42.   The department issues nonresident concealed handgun carry permits and has adopted regulations to govern that process. Code of Virginia Title 18.2, Chapter 7, Article 7.

The Department is the coordinating agency for the Virginia Methamphetamine Precursor Information System for the reporting and tracking of pseudoephedrine sales in the Commonwealth. Code of Virginia, Title 18.2, Chapter 7, Article 1.  The department oversees the Virginia Methamphetamine Precursor Information System, a web-accessed database available at no charge to pharmacies and retailers pursuant to the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 (CMEA) (Title VII of Pub. L. 109-177). Pharmacies and retailers are currently required to capture certain data regarding ephedrine and/or pseudoephedrine products (PSE) sales. Section 18.2-265.8 of the Code of Virginia requires all pharmacies and retailers in the Commonwealth of Virginia that sell over-the-counter cold and allergy medications containing PSE products to report sales.

The Department operates under the supervision of the Secretary of Public Safety. Regulations are available for inspection or copying at State Police Administrative Headquarters at 7700 Midlothian Turnpike, P.O. Box 27472, Richmond, VA 23261; copies in limited quantities are obtainable at the same place. Internet address:

Rev. 08/2019


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