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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 2. Agriculture
Agency 5. Department of Agriculture And Consumer Services
Chapter 510. Rules and Regulations Governing the Production, Processing, and Sale of Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts, and Similar Products

2VAC5-510-150. Nonfruit water ices; identity; label statement of optional ingredients; nonfruit water ice mix.

A. Nonfruit water ices are the foods each of which is prepared by freezing, while stirring, a mix composed of one or more of the optional characterizing ingredients specified in subsection B of this section, sweetened with one or more of the optional sweetening ingredients specified in subsection C of this section. One or more of the optional ingredients specified in subsection D of this section may be used, subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth. The mix, with or without added water, may be seasoned with salt and may be homogenized. The finished nonfruit water ice weighs not less than six pounds to the gallon.

B. The optional characterizing ingredients referred to in subsection A of this section are:

1. Ground spice or infusion of coffee or tea.

2. Chocolate or cocoa, including sirup.

3. Confectionery.

4. Distilled alcoholic beverage, including liqueurs or wine, in an amount not to exceed that required for flavoring the water ice.

5. Any natural or artificial food flavoring, except any having a characteristic fruit or fruit-like flavor.

C. The optional sweetening ingredients referred to in subsection A of this section are: Sugar (sucrose), dextrose, invert sugar (paste or sirup), glucose sirup, dried glucose sirup, corn sirup, dried corn sirup, malt sirup, malt extract, dried malt sirup, dried malt extract, maltose sirup, dried maltose sirup.

D. Other optional ingredients referred to in subsection A of this section are:

1. Agar-agar, algin (sodium alginate), egg white, gelatin, gum acacia, guar seed gum, gum karaya, locust bean gum, oat gum, gum tragacanth, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, carrageenan, salts of carrageenan, furcelleran, salts of furcelleran, propylene glycol alginate, pectin, psyllium seed husk, sodium carboxymethylcellulose. The total weight of the solids of any such ingredient used singly, or of any combination of two or more such ingredients used, is not more than 0.5% of the weight of the finished nonfruit water ice. Such ingredients may be added in admixture with dextrin, propylene glycol, or glycerin.

When one or more of the optional thickening ingredients in this subdivision are used, dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate may be used in a quantity not in excess of 0.5% by weight of such ingredients.

2. Citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, phosphoric acid, or any combination of two or more of these in such quantity as seasons the finished food.

3. Coloring, including artificial coloring.

E. Except as provided for in subsection F of this section, the name of each such nonfruit water ice is ".... ice," the blank being filled in with the common or usual name or names of the characterizing flavor or flavors; for example, "peppermint."

F. If the characterizing flavor used is vanilla, the name of the food is ".... ice," the blank being filled in as specified by 2VAC5-510-30 G 2 and 5.

G. When the optional ingredients artificial flavoring or artificial coloring are used in nonfruit water ice, they shall be named on the label as follows:

1. If the flavoring ingredient or ingredients consist exclusively of artificial flavoring, the label designation shall be "artificially flavored."

2. If the flavoring ingredients used are a combination of natural and artificial flavors, the label designation shall be "artificial and natural flavoring added."

3. The label shall designate artificial coloring by the statement "artificially colored," "artificial coloring added," "with added artificial coloring," or "...., an artificial color added," the blank being filled in with the name of the artificial coloring used.

H. Wherever there appears on the label any representation as to the characterizing flavor or flavors of the food and such flavor or flavors consist in whole or in part of artificial flavoring, the statement required by subdivision 1 or 2 of subsection G of this section, as appropriate, shall immediately and conspicuously precede or follow such representation, without intervening written, printed, or graphic matter, except that the word "ice" may intervene, in a size reasonably related to the prominence of the name of the characterizing flavor and in any event the size of the type is not less than 6-point on packages containing less than one pint, not less than 8-point on packages containing at least one pint but less than one-half gallon, not less than 10-point on packages containing at least one-half gallon but less than one gallon and not less than 12-point on packages containing one gallon or over.

I. Except as specified in subsection H of this section, the statements required by subsection G of this section shall be set forth on the principal display panel or panels of the label with such prominence and conspicuousness as to render them likely to be read and understood by the ordinary individual under customary conditions of purchase and use.

J. Nonfruit water ice mix is the unfrozen combination of ingredients that when frozen while stirring will produce a product conforming to the definition of nonfruit water ice.

Statutory Authority

§§ 3.2-5201 and 3.2-5212 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR115-05-03 § 3.13, eff. December 11, 1985; amended, Virginia Register Volume 3, Issue 10, eff. March 18, 1987; Volume 24, Issue 17, eff. June 12, 2008.

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