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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 20. Public Utilities and Telecommunications
Agency 5. State Corporation Commission
Chapter 311. Interim Rules Governing Electric and Natural Gas Retail Access Pilot Programs

20VAC5-311-10. Applicability; Definitions.

A. The provisions in this chapter govern solely electric and natural gas retail access pilot programs conducted by Virginia electric and natural gas public utilities.

B. The following terms when used in this chapter shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

"Affiliated competitive service provider" means a competitive service provider that is a separate legal entity that controls, is controlled by, or is under common control of, a local distribution company or its parent. For the purpose of this chapter, any unit or division created by a local distribution company for the purpose of acting as a competitive service provider shall be treated as an affiliated competitive service provider and shall be subject to the same provisions and regulations.

"Aggregator" means a person that, as an agent or intermediary, (i) offers to purchase, or purchases, electric energy or natural gas, or both, or (ii) offers to arrange for, or arranges for, the purchase of electric energy or natural gas, or both, for sale to, or on behalf of, two or more retail customers not controlled by or under common control with such person. The following activities shall not, in and of themselves, make a person an aggregator under this chapter: (i) furnishing legal services to two or more retail customers, suppliers or aggregators; (ii) furnishing educational, informational, or analytical services to two or more retail customers unless direct or indirect compensation for such services is paid by an aggregator or supplier of electric energy or natural gas, or both; (iii) furnishing educational, informational, or analytical services to two or more suppliers or aggregators; (iv) providing default service under § 56-585 of the Code of Virginia; (v) conducting business as a competitive service provider licensed under 20VAC5-311-50; and (vi) engaging in actions of a retail customer, acting in common with one or more other such retail customers, to issue a request for proposal or to negotiate a purchase of electric energy or natural gas, or both, for consumption by such retail customers.

"Business day" means any calendar day or computer processing day in the Eastern U.S. time zone, in which the general office of the applicable local distribution company is open for business with the public.

"Commencement of the pilot program" means the date established by the State Corporation Commission for the beginning of each pilot program.

"Competitive energy service" means the retail sale of electricity or natural gas, or both, or any other competitive service approved by the State Corporation Commission as part of a retail pilot program by an entity other than the local distribution company as a regulated utility.

"Competitive service provider" means a person that sells or offers to sell a competitive energy service within the Commonwealth. This term includes affiliated competitive service providers, as defined above, but does not include a party that supplies electricity or natural gas, or both, exclusively for its own consumption or the consumption of one or more of its affiliates.

"Customer choice" means the opportunity for a retail customer in the Commonwealth to purchase a competitive energy service from any licensed competitive service provider seeking to sell such services to that customer.

"Electronic Data Interchange" (EDI) means computer-to-computer exchange of business information using common standards for high volume electronic transactions.

"Local distribution company" means an entity regulated by the State Corporation Commission that owns or controls the distribution facilities required for the transportation and delivery of electricity or natural gas to the end user.

"Person" means any individual, corporation, partnership, association, company, business, trust, joint venture, or other private legal entity, and the Commonwealth or any city, county, town, authority or other political subdivision of the Commonwealth.

"Transmission provider" means an entity regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that owns or operates, or both, the transmission facilities required for the delivery of electricity or natural gas to the local distribution company or end user.

"Virginia Electronic Data Transfer Working Group" (VAEDT) means the group of representatives from investor-owned electric utilities, electric cooperatives, the staff of the State Corporation Commission, the Office of Attorney General, and natural gas utilities and suppliers, whose objective is to formulate guidelines and practices for the exchange of information during retail access pilot programs.

Statutory Authority

§ 12.1-13 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Volume 16, Issue 20, eff. May 26, 2000.

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