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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 8. Education
Agency 115. College of William And Mary; Richard Bland College
Chapter 30. Richard Bland College Weapons on Campus Regulation

8VAC115-30-10. Definitions.

The following words and terms when used in this chapter shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"College property" means any property, vehicle, or vessel owned, leased, or controlled by Richard Bland College.

"Police officer" means law-enforcement officials appointed pursuant to Article 3 (§ 15.2-1609 et seq.) of Chapter 16 and Chapter 17 (§ 15.2-1700 et seq.) of Title 15.2, Article 3 (§ 23.1-809 et seq.) of Chapter 8 of Title 23.1, Chapter 2 (§ 29.1-200 et seq.) of Title 29.1, or Chapter 1 (§ 52-1 et seq.) of Title 52 of the Code of Virginia or sworn federal law-enforcement officers.

"Weapon" means any instrument of combat or any object not designed as an instrument of combat but carried for the apparent purpose of inflicting or threatening bodily injury. Examples include:

1. Firearms, including any pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, air-pistol, paintball gun, or other weapon designed or intended to propel a bullet, cartridge, or missile of any kind by action of an explosion of any combustible material;

2. Knives, including any dirk, bowie knife, switchblade knife, ballistic knife, butterfly knife, sword, machete, razor, spring stick, or other bladed weapon with a blade longer than four inches;

3. Razors or metal knuckles;

4. Blackjacks, foils, or hatchets;

5. Bows and arrows, crossbows, or slingshots;

6. Nun chahkas, including any flailing instrument consisting of two or more rigid parts connected in such a manner as to allow them to swing freely, which may also be known as a nun chuck, nunchaku, shuriken, or fighting chain;

7. Throwing stars, including any disc, of whatever configuration, having at least two points or pointed blades, which is designed to be thrown or propelled and which may be known as an oriental dart;

8. Stun guns, including any device that emits a momentary or pulsed output that is electrical, audible, optical, or electromagnetic in nature and that is designed to temporarily incapacitate a person;

9. Any explosive or incendiary device, including fireworks or other devices relying on any combination of explosives and combustibles to be set off to generate lights, smoke, or noise; or

10. Any other weapon listed in § 18.2-308 A of the Code of Virginia.

"Weapon" does not include (i) knives or razors commonly used for domestic or academic purposes or pen or folding knives with blades less than three inches in length or (ii) mace, pepper spray, and other such items possessed, stored, or carried for use in accordance with the purpose intended by the original manufacturer.

Statutory Authority

§ 23.1-1301 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 28, Issue 13, eff. February 7, 2012; amended Virginia Register Volume 35, Issue 10, eff. January 2, 2019.

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