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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 9. Environment
Agency 5. State Air Pollution Control Board
Chapter 45. Consumer and Commercial Products

9VAC5-45-510. Notification, records and reporting.

A. The provisions of 9VAC5-45-50 (Notification, records and reporting) apply.

B. Upon 90 days written notice, the board may require a responsible party to register and report information for a consumer product the board may specify, including, but not limited to, all or part of the information specified in subdivisions 1 through 12 of this subsection. If the responsible party does not have or does not provide the information requested by the board, the board may require the reporting of this information by another owner or other person that has the information, including, but not limited to, any formulator, manufacturer, supplier, parent company, private labeler, distributor, or repackager.

1. The company name of the responsible party and the party's address, telephone number, and designated contact person.

2. A showing satisfactory to the board under 9VAC5-170-60 B and C that supports any claim of confidentiality made pursuant to 9VAC5-170-60, §§ 10.1-1314 and 10.1-1314.1 of the Virginia Air Pollution Control Law, and other applicable state confidentiality requirements .

3. The product brand name for each consumer product subject to registration and, upon request by the board, the product label.

4. The product category to which the consumer product belongs.

5. The applicable product forms listed separately.

6. An identification of each product brand name and form as a "Household Product," "I&I Product," or both.

7. Separate sales in pounds per year, to the nearest pound, and the method used to calculate sales for each product form.

8. For registrations submitted by two companies, an identification of the company that is submitting relevant data separate from that submitted by the responsible party. All registration information from both companies shall be submitted by the date specified in this subsection.

9. For each product brand name and form, the net percent by weight of the total product, less container and packaging, composed of the following, rounded to the nearest one-tenth of a percent (0.1%):

a. Total exempt compounds.

b. Total LVP-VOCs that are not fragrances.

c. Total all other carbon-containing compounds that are not fragrances.

d. Total all noncarbon-containing compounds.

e. Total fragrance.

f. For products containing greater than 2.0% by weight fragrance:

(1) The percent of fragrances that are LVP-VOCs; and

(2) The percent of fragrances that are all other carbon-containing compounds.

g. Total paradichlorobenzene.

10. For each product brand name and form, the identity, including the specific chemical name and associated Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) number, of the following:

a. Each exempt compound; and

b. Each LVP-VOC that is not a fragrance.

11. If applicable, the weight percent composed of propellant for each product.

12. If applicable, an identification of the type of propellant.

C. In addition to the requirements of subdivision B 10 of this section, the responsible party shall report to the board the net percentage by weight of each ozone-depleting compound that is:

1. Listed in 9VAC5-45-430 H; and

2. Contained in a product subject to registration under subsection B of this section in an amount greater than 1.0% by weight.

D. Information submitted by responsible parties pursuant to this section shall be available to the public except where the owner makes a showing satisfactory to the board under 9VAC5-170-60 B that the information meets the criteria in 9VAC5-170-60 C, in which case the information shall be handled in accordance with the procedures specified in §§ 10.1-1314 and 10.1-1314.1 of the Air Pollution Control Law of Virginia.

E. Provisions follow concerning special recordkeeping and reporting requirements for consumer products that contain perchloroethylene or methylene chloride.

1. The requirements of this subsection shall apply to all responsible parties for consumer products that are subject to 9VAC5-45-430 A and contain perchloroethylene or methylene chloride. For the purposes of this subsection, a product contains perchloroethylene or methylene chloride if the product contains 1.0% or more by weight (exclusive of the container or packaging) of either perchloroethylene or methylene chloride.

2. For each consumer product that contains perchloroethylene or methylene chloride, the responsible party shall keep records of the following information for products sold during each calendar year, beginning with the year of the applicable compliance date specified in 9VAC5-45-480, and ending with the year 2010:

a. The product brand name and a copy of the product label with legible usage instructions;

b. The product category to which the consumer product belongs;

c. The applicable product form, listed separately;

d. For each product form listed in subdivision 2 c of this subsection, the total sales during the calendar year, to the nearest pound (exclusive of the container or packaging), and the method used for calculating sales;

e. The weight percentage, to the nearest 0.10% of perchloroethylene and methylene chloride in the consumer product;

3. Upon 90 days written notice, the board may require a responsible party to report the information specified in subdivision 2 of this subsection.

4. Records required by subdivision 2 of this subsection shall be maintained by the responsible party for three calendar years from the date such records were created.

5. Alternative control plan notifications, records, and reporting shall be made as required by 9VAC5-45-440 and as required in the ACP agreement.

6. Innovative product notifications, records, and reporting shall be made as required by 9VAC5-45-450 and as required in the innovative products exemption notification letter.

Statutory Authority

§ 10.1-1308 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 26, Issue 12, eff. March 17, 2010.

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