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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 9. Environment
Agency 5. State Air Pollution Control Board
Chapter 80. Permits for Stationary Sources

9VAC5-80-120. General permits.

A. Requirements for board issuance of a general permit regulation apply as follows:

1. The board may issue a general permit regulation covering a source category containing numerous similar sources that meet the following criteria:

a. All sources in the category shall be essentially the same in terms of operations and processes and emit either the same pollutants or those with similar characteristics.

b. Sources shall not be subject to case-by-case standards or requirements.

c. Sources shall be subject to the same or substantially similar requirements governing operation, emissions, monitoring, reporting, or recordkeeping.

2. Sources subject to a general permit shall comply with all requirements applicable to other permits issued under this article.

3. General permit regulations shall (i) identify the criteria by which sources may qualify for the general permit and (ii) describe the process to use in applying for the general permit.

4. The board shall not issue a general permit regulation until the requirements concerning notice and opportunity for public participation under 9VAC5-80-270 and affected state and EPA review under 9VAC5-80-290 have been met. However, requirements concerning content of the notice shall replace those specified in 9VAC5-80-270 C and shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

a. The name, address and telephone number of a department contact from whom interested persons may obtain additional information including copies of the draft general permit regulation.

b. The criteria to be used in determining which sources qualify for the general permit.

c. A brief description of the source category that the department believes qualifies for the general permit including, but not limited to, an estimate of the number of individual sources in the category.

d. A narrative statement of the estimated air quality impact contributed by the source category covered by the general permit including information regarding specific pollutants and the total quantity of each emitted pollutant and the type and quantity of fuels used, if applicable.

e. A brief description of the application process to be used by sources to request coverage under the general permit regulation.

f. A brief description of the comment procedures required by 9VAC5-80-270.

g. A brief description of the procedures to be used to request a hearing as required by 9VAC5-80-270 or the time and place of the public hearing if the department determines to hold a hearing under 9VAC5-80-35 E.

B. Application requirements for a general permit apply as follows:

1. Sources that would qualify for a general permit shall apply to the department for coverage under the terms of the general permit regulation. Sources that do not qualify for a general permit shall apply for coverage under a permit issued under the other provisions of this article.

2. The application shall meet the requirements of this article and include all information necessary to determine qualification for and to assure compliance with the general permit.

3. Sources that become subject to the general permit after it is issued to other sources in the category addressed by the general permit shall file an application with the department using the application process described in the general permit. The department shall issue the general permit to the source if it determines that the source meets the criteria set out in the general permit.

C. Conditions of issuance of a general permit apply as follows:

1. The department shall grant the conditions and terms of the general permit to sources that meet the criteria set out in the general permit covering the specific source category.

2. The issuance of a permit to a source covered by a general permit shall not require compliance with the public participation procedures under 9VAC5-80-270 and affected state and EPA review under 9VAC5-80-290.

3. A response to each general permit application may not be provided. The general permit regulation may specify a reasonable time period after which a source that has submitted an application shall be deemed to be authorized to operate under the general permit.

4. Sources covered under a general permit may be issued a letter, a certificate, or a summary of the general permit provisions, limits, and requirements, or any other document which would attest that the source is covered by the general permit.

5. Provided the letter, certificate, summary or other document is located at the source, the source may not be required to have a copy of the general permit. In this case, a copy of the general permit shall be retained by the department or at the source's corporate headquarters in the case of franchise operations.

D. Enforcement conditions apply as follows:

1. Regardless of the permit shield provisions in 9VAC5-80-140, the source shall be subject to enforcement action under 9VAC5-80-260 for operation without a permit issued under this article if the source is later determined by the department or the administrator not to qualify for the conditions and terms of the general permit.

2. The act of granting or denying a request for authorization to operate under a general permit shall not be subject to judicial review.

Statutory Authority

§ 10.1-1308 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR120-08-0508, eff. April 1, 1995; amended, Virginia Register Volume 17, Issue 4, eff. January 1, 2001; Volume 39, Issue 5, eff. November 23, 2022.

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