Saltville, Town of

Counties of Smyth and Washington

History of incorporation

Incorporated by an 1894 Act of Assembly.

Charter, 1893-94, c. 792; repealed 1895-96, c. 254.

Charter, 1895-96, c. 254; repealed 1968, c. 374.

Charter, 1968, c. 374; repealed 1986, c. 224.

Current charter

Charter, 1986, c. 224.

§ 1. Incorporation.

The inhabitants of the territory comprised within the limits of the Town of Saltville, in the Counties of Smyth and Washington, as the same now are or may hereafter be established by law, shall continue to be a body politic and corporate under the name of the Town of Saltville, and as such shall have perpetual succession, may sue and be sued, contract and be contracted with, and may have a corporate seal which it may alter, renew and amend at its pleasure.  (1986, c. 224)

§ 2. Boundaries.

The boundaries of the Town of Saltville shall be and remain as now established, unless hereafter changed as provided by law, and shall remain as set out in paragraph 1 of Chapter 254 of the Acts of Assembly of 1895-96, approved February 7, 1896.  (1986, c. 224)

§ 3. Powers of town generally.

The Town of Saltville shall have and may exercise all powers which are now, or may hereafter be, conferred upon or delegated to towns under the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia as fully and completely as though all such powers were specifically enumerated herein. In addition, the powers set forth in §§ 15.1-838 through 15.1-907, inclusive, of the Code of Virginia are hereby expressly conferred on and vested in the Town of Saltville.  (1986, c. 224)

§ 4. Mayor.

The mayor shall be elected for a term of two years on the first Tuesday in May, 1984, and every two years thereafter. His term of office shall begin on the first day of July, succeeding his election. His compensation shall be fixed by the council.

(a) The mayor shall be the presiding officer of the council but shall not vote therein except in the case of a tie.

(b) The mayor shall be the chief ceremonial officer of the town.

(c) The mayor shall see that all ordinances and resolutions of the council are faithfully performed and executed.

(d) If any vacancy occurs in the office of mayor by reason of death, resignation or otherwise, the same shall be filled by the council for the unexpired portion of the term.

(e) The council may designate one of its members as president pro tempore to act as mayor upon the mayor's absence or disability to act, and he shall, during such absence or disability of the mayor to act, perform all the duties and exercise all the powers and authority of the mayor.  (1986, c. 224)

§ 5. Town council.

The town council shall consist of six resident qualified voters of the Town of Saltville. Every two years beginning on the first Tuesday in May, 1984, one-half of the council shall be elected, each elected member holding office for four years. Councilmen's terms of office shall begin on the first day of July following their election. Nothing herein shall affect the terms of current members of town council.

(a) If any vacancy occurs on the council by reason of death, resignation or otherwise, the same shall be filled by the council for the unexpired portion of the term.

(b) The administration and the government of the town shall be vested in the council which, except in dealing with questions of parliamentary procedure, shall act only by ordinance or resolution. All ordinances, unless making appropriations or authorizing the contracting of indebtedness or issuance of bond or other evidences of debt, shall be confined to one subject, which shall be clearly expressed in the title.

(c) Each councilman may receive a salary for his services as such, the amount thereof to be fixed by the council, provided that no act to increase the salary of the councilmen shall become effective during the incumbent council members' term in office.

(d) The council shall by ordinance fix the time for its regular meetings. Special meetings shall be called by the clerk of the council upon written request by the mayor or any three councilmen. At least twelve hours' written notice shall be given to the other members of the council of the purpose, place and time of any such special meeting. Special meetings may also be held at any time without notice, provided all members of the council are present. No business shall be transacted at any such special meeting which is not stated in the notice calling the same, unless all members of the council attend the meeting or waive notice thereof in writing either prior or subsequent to the meeting.

(e) The council shall appoint a clerk, a treasurer, and chief of police and may appoint a town attorney and town manager and such other officers and create such boards and departments as it deems necessary and proper, and define their duties and functions. Such officers so appointed shall hold office during the pleasure of the council, shall give such bonds as the council requires, and shall receive such compensation as the council prescribes. The same person may hold two or more such offices, in the discretion of and with the unanimous approval of the council.  (1986, c. 224)

§ 6. Retention of officers and employees.

All town officers and employees heretofore elected or appointed shall remain in office and continue in their employment and be vested with the powers and duties heretofore imposed upon them by the council or by operation of law or hereafter imposed upon them under the provisions of this act until their successors are duly elected or appointed as provided by law.  (1986, c. 224)

§ 7. Continuation of ordinances and resolutions.

All ordinances and resolutions heretofore made and adopted by the town, not in conflict with this charter, shall be in and remain in full force and effect until altered, amended or repealed by the council of the town.  (1986, c. 224)