Constitution of Virginia

Constitution of Virginia

Article V. Executive

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Section 1
Executive power; Governor's term of office.
Section 2
Election of Governor.
Section 3
Qualifications of Governor.
Section 4
Place of residence and compensation of Governor.
Section 5
Legislative responsibilities of Governor.
Section 6
Presentation of bills; powers of Governor; vetoes and amendments.
Section 7
Executive and administrative powers.
Section 8
Information from administrative officers.
Section 9
Administrative organization.
Section 10
Appointment and removal of administrative officers.
Section 11
Effect of refusal of General Assembly to confirm an appointment by the Governor.
Section 12
Executive clemency.
Section 13
Lieutenant Governor; election and qualifications.
Section 14
Duties and compensation of Lieutenant Governor.
Section 15
Attorney General.
Section 16
Succession to the office of Governor.
Section 17
Commissions and grants.