Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 2.2. Administration of Government
Chapter 43.1. Construction Management and Design-Build Contracting

§ 2.2-4381. Construction management or design-build contracts for covered institutions authorized.

A. Any covered institution may enter into a contract for construction on a fixed price or not-to-exceed price construction management or design-build basis, provided that such institution complies with the requirements of this article and with the procedures adopted by the Secretary of Administration for using construction management or design-build contracts.

B. Covered institutions shall:

1. Develop procedures for determining the selected procurement method which, at a minimum, shall consider cost, schedule, complexity, and building use;

2. Submit such procedures, and any subsequent changes to adopted procedures, to the Department for review and comment; and

3. Submit Department-reviewed procedures to its board of visitors for adoption.

C. Procedures adopted by a board of visitors pursuant to this article shall include the following requirements:

1. A written determination is made in advance by the covered institution that competitive sealed bidding is not practicable or fiscally advantageous, and such writing shall document the basis for the determination to use construction management or design-build. The determination shall be included in the Request for Qualifications and maintained in the procurement file;

2. Prior to making a determination as to the use of construction management or design-build for a specific construction project, a covered institution shall have in its employ or under contract a licensed architect or engineer with professional competence appropriate to the project who shall (i) advise the covered institution regarding the use of construction management or design-build for that project and (ii) assist the covered institution with the preparation of the Request for Proposal and the evaluation of such proposals;

3. Public notice of the Request for Qualifications is posted on the Department's central electronic procurement website, known as eVA, at least 30 days prior to the date set for receipt of qualification proposals;

4. For construction management contracts, the contract is entered into no later than the completion of the schematic phase of design, unless prohibited by authorization of funding restrictions;

5. Prior construction management or design-build experience or previous experience with the Department's Bureau of Capital Outlay Management shall not be required as a prerequisite for award of a contract. However, in the selection of a contractor, a covered institution may consider the experience of each contractor on comparable projects;

6. Construction management contracts shall require that (i) no more than 10 percent of the construction work, as measured by the cost of the work, be performed by the construction manager with its own forces and (ii) the remaining 90 percent of the construction work, as measured by the cost of the work, be performed by subcontractors of the construction manager, which the construction manager shall procure by publicly advertised, competitive sealed bidding to the maximum extent practicable; and

7. The procedures allow for a two-step competitive negotiation process.

D. The Department shall evaluate the proposed procurement method selected by a covered institution and make its recommendation as to whether the use of the construction management or design-build procurement method is appropriate for the specific project. In its review, the Department shall also consider:

1. The written determination of the covered institution;

2. The compliance by the covered institution with subdivisions C 1, 2, and 7;

3. The project cost, expected timeline, and use;

4. Whether the project is a complex project; and

5. Any other criteria established by the Department to evaluate the proposed procurement method for the project.

E. The Department shall conduct its review within five working days after receipt of the written determination and render its written recommendation within such five-working-day period. The written recommendation of the Department shall be maintained in the procurement file.

F. If a covered institution elects to proceed with the project using a construction management or design-build procurement method despite the recommendation of the Department to the contrary, such covered institution shall state in writing its reasons therefor and any justification for not following the recommendation of the Department and submit same to the Department. The written statement of a covered institution's decision to not follow the recommendation of the Department shall be maintained in the procurement file.

2017, cc. 699, 704.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.