Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 2.2. Administration of Government
Chapter 52. Children's Services Act

§ 2.2-5208. Family assessment and planning team; powers and duties.

The family assessment and planning team, in accordance with § 2.2-2648, shall assess the strengths and needs of troubled youths and families who are approved for referral to the team and identify and determine the complement of services required to meet these unique needs.

Every such team, in accordance with policies developed by the community policy and management team, shall:

1. Review referrals of youths and families to the team;

2. Provide for family participation in all aspects of assessment, planning and implementation of services;

3. Provide for the participation of foster parents in the assessment, planning and implementation of services when a child has a program goal of permanent foster care or is in a long-term foster care placement. The case manager shall notify the foster parents of a troubled youth of the time and place of all assessment and planning meetings related to such youth. Such foster parents shall be given the opportunity to speak at the meeting or submit written testimony if the foster parents are unable to attend. The opinions of the foster parents shall be considered by the family assessment and planning team in its deliberations;

4. Develop an individual family services plan for youths and families reviewed by the team that provides for appropriate and cost-effective services;

5. Identify children who are at risk of entering, or are placed in, residential care through the Children's Services Act program who can be appropriately and effectively served in their homes, relatives' homes, family-like settings, and communities. For each child entering or in residential care, in accordance with the policies of the community policy and management team developed pursuant to subdivision 17 of § 2.2-5206, the family assessment and planning team or approved alternative multidisciplinary team, in collaboration with the family, shall (i) identify the strengths and needs of the child and his family through conducting or reviewing comprehensive assessments, including but not limited to information gathered through the mandatory uniform assessment instrument, (ii) identify specific services and supports necessary to meet the identified needs of the child and his family, building upon the identified strengths, (iii) implement a plan for returning the youth to his home, relative's home, family-like setting, or community at the earliest appropriate time that addresses his needs, including identification of public or private community-based services to support the youth and his family during transition to community-based care, and (iv) provide regular monitoring and utilization review of the services and residential placement for the child to determine whether the services and placement continue to provide the most appropriate and effective services for the child and his family;

6. Where parental or legal guardian financial contribution is not specifically prohibited by federal or state law or regulation, or has not been ordered by the court or by the Division of Child Support Enforcement, assess the ability of parents or legal guardians, utilizing a standard sliding fee scale, based upon ability to pay, to contribute financially to the cost of services to be provided and provide for appropriate financial contribution from parents or legal guardians in the individual family services plan;

7. Refer the youth and family to community agencies and resources in accordance with the individual family services plan;

8. Recommend to the community policy and management team expenditures from the local allocation of the state pool of funds; and

9. Designate a person who is responsible for monitoring and reporting, as appropriate, on the progress being made in fulfilling the individual family services plan developed for each youth and family, such reports to be made to the team or the responsible local agencies.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.